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Amazing night and classic Aaron Rodgers final 2 minutes. Here is the last few plays from inside Lambeau. My last game with my dad was this matchup since the 49ers were his favorite team. We had a better ending this time around because the only Collin Kappernick sighting was on @eriklingvall jersey he was sporting. #packersvs49ers sfvsgb  #gbvssf #gopackgo #packers #mnf
#gopackgo and glad Erik got to do a Lambeau Leap
Epic night , Epic game with these guys!
From listening party to pop up. Finish the three across with some photos from the pop up today at the old Tower Records building in Hollywood. Kind of sad Tower is no longer around... brings back my old sac town days growing up going to Tower records on Watt Avenue.
Spotify picked the top @thisislany fans in Los Angeles and invited them to listen to the new album with the band in Malibu last night. Of course Nolan was one of them! I got to be @nolangross plus one for this one. Unreal what artists and entertainers can do these days to connect with their fans and create amazing experiences. To get to listen to album with 50 people and the band was unreal.... Nolan said one of best nights ever. Video on his youtube page - . He’s been listening to them since they had 400 Spotify followers thanks to @matthewshatto  #malibunights
This mans has always loved music. From the wiggles to the doodlebops to the biebs. I’m glad now we can enjoy some better music together.
Maybe the #3 enneagram in me has to put the nice photos first but behind it is the real us. Spending our 20th at the Spaghetti Factory and me making dumb videos trying to entertain @jeanettegross and make her laugh. Maybe you will enjoy but most likely you’ll be bored. Either way we have been married for 2 decades now and that’s something to celebrate and eat mizithra cheese 🧀 for.
She still puts up with all my craziness 😝 @jeanettegross and we made these two great kids by doing a little more than kissing.
20 years of marriage with @jeanettegross . We threw a big party at 19 because that sounded more fun than 20 but we made it to 20 and plan for at least 20 more! This photo was from 10 year party for @x3church and i never would have done this ministry without her support 3 months into marriage supporting me to quit my job at the church to start our own non profit.
We vacation well but never do a staycation so I decided to try something these past few days.

We each picked  another member of our family. We had to plan the perfect day for that person.

Each day you had to plan something the person you picked will love and pay for it so budget is whatever you want to spend and your money. You share with us the night before what hours your event is or when to be ready and you explain what we are doing so we can pack and plan accordingly. If it involves overnight you have to check with person for the next day. 
I picked Elise
Nolan picked me
Jeanette picked Nolan
Elise picked Jeanette

We enjoyed a bunch of fun things this week and ended it with Disneyland today since that is Elise’s perfect day and previously I had refused to go until my kids have kids. They each got to bring a friend and I took a 2 hour nap in the middle of the 12 hour day. See you in 2028 Disney.