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dadager to @nolangross and dance dad to @elisegross. i run @x3church @alohaandrain and a few other things. almost been 20 years with @jeanettegross .

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Prom. She said she’s still wants to go next year even though she’s going to be 13 in a month.
I think @elisegross gets her moves on the dance floor from me.
Prom Date
40! Welcome to the other side. The second half of your life. Fun knowing you half of this side of 40. One of the best people I know and excited for what’s to come for you and the fam. If we make it to 80 let’s start a band together @tosti_music . I’ll let you be the front man.
Love this photo 😱 - you need photo cred @tosti_music ?
Someone got some 🌞 @elisegross
Say YES to Life.
More... most played song over last 6 months. Fear and trembling.  @gangofyouths
Favorite album of last year. @gangofyouths . No clue why this band has not exploded in the USA just yet.
I don’t know why my glasses are upside down. Well, I don’t know why I’m at Elton John either. Fun night. Talked about friendship and why people need it in the latest Podcast link in my bio. #eltonjohn