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dadager to @nolangross and dance dad to @elisegross. i run @x3church @alohaandrain and a few other things. almost been 20 years with @jeanettegross .

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People go to Coachella and take pictures of bands, selfies, art and much more. Here are two photos of me and Levi taking pictures of each other taking pictures. If it sounds dumb it is dumb.
Fun times had watching these two this rock out this weekend!
I took this photo of g- eazy and halsey real discreet minus the flash going off🌚
My one photo from @coachella . Great times with @nolangross @carsonlueders and @levithepoet
Remember the days when our churches made us burn our Tapes or in @levithepoet case CD? That’s why this is so special.
Three things I learned tonight eating 🍕🍕🍕🍕
Things I wish and hope for my kids!