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I enjoy creating fun, connecting people & launching products.I believe anything is possible & love instilling that belief in others. Host #craigbrain

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We’ve been arguing a lot in our family about who is the tallest one. I’ve humbled myself and agreed @nolangross is going to be real soon but I let him stand on a stool for this pic just to build his confidence a bit. 📷 @nealjolly
Do what you love.
Love what you do.
I’m learning to do the same.

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Probably my favorite line from the new @boniver album. I know @levithepoet enjoyed the lyric about falling off the bass boat but this one stands out from “imi” IF FORGIVENESS IS A CHORE WHAT YOU WAITING FOR. I’ve seen what happens when you can forgive others and forgive yourself. Wondering why you are still stuck? Why nothing seems to be working? Why your relationships are suffering? Try forgiveness. Sounds easy? It’s not. It’s some deep work that goes beyond what is sold to us in a sermon, bible study or bible verse to memorize. Trauma, pain, resentment and all that comes with that might require you to do some heavy lifting and deep diving. @jeanettegross and I both went through the @hoffmanprocess over this spring/summer and was one of the biggest weeks of both of our lives. Their tag line is “when you are serious about change”. For both Jeanette and I there was a lot to learn about forgiveness and that’s something we talk a lot about in the church but how to forgive others and how to forgive yourself takes more work and more tools to really know how to do it. On one of my final  podcast episodes I’ll share all about my week at Hoffman but for now enjoy your Afternoon.
As a naturally competitive person, I think I’ve always been more attracted to the performance piece – the final product, as it were. But I’m realizing more and more just how essential the talent show is in the process.

These two lost a bet because I’m better at all fair games than  they are except for @nolangross lucky one shot wonder. Photo by @nealjolly wait who took this photo?
I retired from one role but coming out of retirement of another. Actually, I’m not going to be a youth pastor again but I have two kids and will do anything to keep them connected to great people and encounter God. So, going to host some fun nights at the beach over the summer and see where @tristanalmario takes this. Will support this guy in anything he chooses to do. DM t-bone for details if you want to show up.
The @ncaa has implemented a rule that agents who wish to represent college athletes testing the waters for the NBA draft must have a Bachelor's Degree. @kingjames + many players in the NBA responded by calling it the #TheRichPaulRule.

This is interesting because, in this week's entry of #CraigBrain, I talk about how SCHOOL SUCKS. Education seems to be the only thing stubbornly clinging to the past while the rest of the world – especially given the rapid advancement of technology – progresses. The NCAA established the criteria they did to limit guys like Rich is a classic example of a system holding on to the past.

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I wrote a poem today. It goes like this:

School sucks, 
seven-plus hours stuck in a classroom is a waste of time,  grades don’t matter, 
a degree doesn’t equal a job, and 
I hope my kids don’t go to college. 
The end.
I think I’m going to get a reversal vasectomy and try and have a couple more kids since these ones are getting too old. I heard it’s a fun procedure and doesn’t hurt at all. We have decided we enjoy the beach life and going to stay longer.  Pretty excited about what is happening and what is around the corner for our family. 📸 @nealjolly filter #nealjollypresets coming soon or it will be called #craiggrosspresets
Life is beautiful. Death is brutal. Loss is inevitable. Kids start young and grow old. Parents kick you out of the house and then move back in. I once heard Elton John (random Tuesday night in Vegas... ok best night of my life 🙅‍♂️) sing circle of life and I think that’s what he is trying to say. Thankful to get to be a dad to these two and hope I stick around for a long time. Celebrating the life of my wife’s grandpa this week who spent over 90 years here on earth. That would be fun to still be winning stuffies at the fair with @elisegross and seeking out vintage finds with @nolangross 📸 by @nealjolly
Can’t wait to hear the new album and see the new live show.
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