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Saw this today! Too good not to post #breakingbad
Saw this today! Too good not to post #breakingbad
Saw this today! Too good not to post #breakingbad
I’ve enjoyed being a bit behind the scenes on a lot of projects lately. This one is just so exciting because I know it is going to help so many women. @alyssajoybethke and @legitsadierob have been bold enough to share their personal stories and struggles with body issues and insecurities and even their own eating disorders in an attempt to help others who feel like freedom isn’t possible. Freedom has been found for these two and many to come. Thanks to the whole team that has been behind this project from @claytonboek @cikproductions on video, amazing photos by @eleanorrlee writer and editor @edhyndman and then  @jeanettegross for all the edits on all the sites and everything else  @amowens23 for branding and design . So excited and grateful for @constancerhodes at FINDINGbalance for your support and partnership and all the added input for this project . Check it out at #findingfreedomproject 📷 by @eleanorrlee 📷 by @eleanorrlee
First 7 Podcasts are up @enneagrampodcasts - here are some clips!
Check it out at @enneagrampodcasts and take a listen.
Fun little passion project @enneagrampodcasts I’m a part of. Check it out and take a listen.  Still need a 2 and a 6.
Tried this experiment live during my talk and was so incredible to see what people walking into a church are hiding underneath their Sunday’s best. Enter something for yourself at
I gave a talk at Southbrook church this weekend about Resentment and dove into things like anger and pain. I’ll post the talk at this week.
I’ve been working on something for three months and this weekend got to see it come to life. After working with people caught up in addiction for 18 years, is the problem really porn, drugs, sex, food or any other medicine you choose to help you not feel the pain? What is the root? What’s the pain you feel underneath coming from? You can see a few things at but lots more to come.