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Not without my coffee. ☕️
Photo by: @giftofgabbyg
Just keep swimming.

Incredible art by @scrinkl (check her out!) who we discovered through @risingtidesociety #creativepreneur
Freaking awesome. Yes, a thousand times over.

By: @justinmadethat
Color on color; patterns on pattern. This is summer.

Photo by: @katiejonesknit
Creativity is not a competition. Compare less.
Photo by: @ohleighann
A creative’s perspective is a powerful thing.
Painting + image by: @teilart
How we feel when someone asks us when we are going to get a ‘real job’.
Ha, no. Being a creative entrepreneur is a HECK of a job. We work 60 hours a week for ourselves so that we don’t have to work for anyone else.
Photo by: @shoplivylu
Life is good. Art + image by: @homsweethom
Leaping into Tuesday like...
Photo by: @oliviarosetm
Current Saturday vibes.
Photo by: @sewhayleyjane
Springing forward in neutral shades.
Photo by: @designsbybeck
When winter meets spring. |
Illustration by @abbey_lossing