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Artsy fartsy mom-in-progress. Pro local, Cdn & handmade. Blogger, foodie, and mess maker. I cook, I shop, I conquer. NWO 🍁


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I've been doing my best to be resourceful and complete projects with my existing (and extensive) stash of tools and materials and #allthethings. But after treating myself to some new heavy duty glue, I'm doing an internal nerdy happy dance today. Time to Pinterest and conquer. #clemssmallvictories
Made the most out of my #sleepygfarm veggies by using carrot and beet greens in a thrifty spin on spanakopita and fattoush.
The upside to giving up on summer: cutesie chalk art. #clemssmallvictories
Pre-long-weekend eats. 🍔
#westfortstreetfair + tacos = love. Not a bad first taste of #thesal. #tbay
There's cherry pie in my future. Thanks, tree. 🍒
I don't know what I was expecting the story to be... but it sure wasn't this.
Shopping? What? Me? I couldn't possibly....
Tonight I decided to conquer my childhood fear of congee. 🍚
#Babyclemington, meet Lady Superior.
Followed #ThunderPride with an all Pork lunch from #barbecupid. The food coma struggle is real.