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We can’t even express how grateful we feel to have been a part of the @highschoolnation tour! 💕 So sad it’s our last day 😭 Huge thank you to all the incredible people who made everyday such a memorable experience! We miss you already 😭❤️ #highschoolnation #crimsonapple #tourlife
Tour life is the good life! ❤️ Can’t believe we only have two days left of @highschoolnation! 😱 Comment if we came to your school! 😉 #crimsonapple #highschoolnation #tourlife
Crimson Apple in the Big Apple! 🍎 NYC, we had so much fun this week! So long for now! See you again soon 😉 Florida here we come! 💕 
#CAinNY #crimsonapple #tourlife
Happy Halloween! 🎃 What are you all dressed as? 👻 We’re in New York for a press week and we’re having such a blast! Anyone have any recommendations on NY Halloween fun? 😉 #crimsonapple #newyork #CAinNY #halloween
’Can’t Get Out of Bed’ Official Music Video OUT NOW on our YouTube channel!
Click the link in our bio to check it out 💕

#cantgetoutofbed #crimsonapple #officialmusicvideo
“Can’t Get Out of Bed” 🛌 Music Video OUT NOW exclusively on @refinery29 // Check the link in our bio to watch it! Huge thanks to our amazing team! 
Director: @ivannaborin ❤️ Production: @andrebato 
Stylist: @juliannmccandless Makeup Stylist: @marinamigliaccio Song Production: @lyreofficial #refinery29 #crimsonapple #musicvideopremiere
Can’t Get Out of Bed - Exclusive MV Premiere TOMORROW on @refinery29. Who’s excited!? 💕🎶✌️ #crimsonapple #cantgetoutofbed #refinery29 #exclusivepremiere
High School Nation Tour has been such a dream! 💕 Thank you to all the incredible students we’ve met thus far for making us feel welcome in your home states! And huge thanks to the HSN staff for being the most positive and hardworking people we’ve ever met! LOVE YOU GUYS ❤️ #crimsonapple #highschoolnation #tourlife #makemefeellikehasani
We’re so excited to announce we’ll be partnering up with @refinery29 for an exclusive premiere of our “Can’t Get Out of Bed” MV on Oct. 26, 2018. Stay tuned for more details 💕 #crimsonapple #refinery29
Day 2 of tour complete!🤘 4 1/2 weeks to go 😛 Wish ya girls luck!  Comment where you think we should tour next 😉 .
. . .
#crimsonapple #highschoolnation
Us waiting for tour like 😉 
#crimsonapple #highschoolnationtour
Chicago, IL Oct. 15 - 19
Baltimore, MD Oct. 22 - 23
Washington, DC Oct. 24
Fairfax, VA Oct. 25
Alexandria, VA Oct. 26
Jacksonville, FL Nov. 5-6
Orlando, FL Nov. 7 - 8
Tampa, FL Nov. 9
Houston, TX Nov. 12-14
Dallas, TX Nov. 15-16

Can’t wait to see you all on tour!✌️🎶 @highschoolnation 📷: @vijatm 💕 
#highschoolnation #crimsonapple