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What was your most memorable moment of 2017? 
For us, it has been the best year yet. We have had the privilege of watching all of our members exceed their own goals and expectations. Watch them learn new skills and conquer their fears. 
Now as the year comes to an end, it's time to think.. what do you want your 2018 to look like? 
FULL video on our Facebook page 泗交沛シ @kimpedersenvideography
Throwback to the time Athletic member @lindaashby created this beautiful Elf on a shelf moment 汳ェ沛シ
There窶冱 something extra special about the first day of summer 沽 #gym #3gyms1community #crossfit #summer
Lunging towards the weekend .. now that would be hard. #longwaytogo #crossfitathletic #3gyms1community #northernbeacheslocal #crossfit
This morning 6 ladies and myself attacked a team Deadball workout on palm beach followed by a weight vest and Deadball carry up to the Palm beach lighthouse, finishing off with 3x 10 Deadball cleans each 汳ェ沛シ what a start to our Saturday. Thanks for joining me 沽Å泗交沛シ .

#thegreatoutdoors #crossfit #notlimitedtothegym #palmbeach #northernbeacheslocal #sydney
QUALITY movement 汳ェ沛シ
QUALITY coaching 汨交沛シ
QUALITY community 汨嬉沛シ
Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. .
#northernbeacheslocal #lift #strong #crossfit #crossfitathletic
How did everyone find today窶冱 workouts? 
Partner Friday was a challenge today, taking some people to 50 minutes. But we窶决e so proud of everyone giving it a crack and pushing their hardest 泗交沛シ汳ェ沛シ
Suns out guns out 汳ェ沛シ笘ク舜ith a few whales showing off at the end 汾ウ
沁解沽 It's time for WILD WEDNESDAY! 沁解沽 #sweatlife #monavale #northernbeacheslocal #brookvale #crossfit
Rolling away.. rolling back in.. @gabby_clegg_ .
#crossfit #crossfitathletic #northernbeacheslocal #brookvale #monavale #sydney #3gyms1community
MANIFESTATION MASTERCLASS with holistic wellness coach  @hollie_azzopardi 沍ソ 
We are 1 month away from our next workshop being held on December 3rd from 9am-11:30am. 
The workshop will teach you how to set REALISTIC goals, and easy STEPS that you can take to achieving everything you WANT. 
Find out all you need to know via the link in our bio 汨解沛シ "Hollie has changed my life. I came along to this workshop for the nutritional information and walked away with so much more than I could have ever expected. You just have to do it to understand. I am definitely coming back for another!" - Ann, 51.