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Our compassionate team of humanitarians are finishing up a week in Guatemala! They are up in the highlands working away; providing dental care to those who need it desperately. They are serving people, not teeth ❤️. @choiceorg @smilesforlifefoundation
The 2019 Young Dentist Program includes three mentored events hosted by the Crown Council. We are 100% committed to training and mentoring new young dentists. Applications for the 2019 program must be submitted on or before November 1, 2018. Candidates will be evaluated and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all available seats are filled. The registration and information link is in our profile.
The Smiles for Life Foundation benefited over 250 different children’s charities across the United States this year. For the past 7 years one of those charities is the Child Life Zone. •
A Child Life Zone is a state-of-the-art, therapeutic play area inside a hospital where pediatric patients and their families can play, learn, laugh, and relax. A sanctuary. A place to learn. A hang-out. A game center. A place to be the star of your own show. A place to connect. A place where a kid can be a kid.
Each zone is staffed by child life specialists, certified professionals who help children and their families cope with difficult medical challenges through play, education, and self-expression. Child life specialists teach patients about their illness and what to expect during treatment, and they provide support to patients and their families before, during, and after procedures.
Smiles for Life has partnered in helping build 13 different Child Life Zones across the country and each year we meet with the directors of those zones.
Recently we met and reaffirmed our commitment to being part of something big. This partnership changes lives and we are so grateful for the small part we play.
We have a team of Crown Council doctors in Guatemala this week. Dr Chase Larsen is with the crew and we couldn’t be more grateful. 
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Excited to work with this group of Guatemalan dental students for the next few days! #guatemala #smilesforlife #dentistry
There are so many great stories that have come from our 2018 Smiles for Life campaign. We are grateful for everyone who joined us. 
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Thank you to all of our amazing patients who participated in Smiles For Life this spring. Through this whitening program, our office donated $2,560 to the Lebanon Community of Shalom for the Kids’ Sack Lunch Program!!! #smilesforlife #toshrocks
If your office participated in the 2018 Smiles for Life campaign and had a local charity partner - the checks are in the mail! Greg has been dutifully signing each check for the past two days. Be on the lookout for these checks and arrange to personally take them to your local charity. Thank you for one of the most successful years Smiles for Life has ever had. Over $1.8 million dollars raised by Crown Council members and their teams. Thank you @ultradentproducts for your generous contribution of all the whitening products - without you this wouldn’t be possible. @smilesforlifefoundation
Birds of a feather...
Look at all these beautiful people! 
Another great result at the Young Dentist program this weekend in Salt Lake City! Many thanks to @drdavidhornbrook for his generosity and mentorship, @utahvalleydentallab for their support and @rosemanuhs for the generous use of their facilities. The Crown Council now has a group of more qualified clinicians who will bless the lives of many patients in the years to come.  Looking forward to the Class of 2019 which will begin at the Crown Council Annual Event in February 2019. Details at the link in our profile...
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@saylor_fe was real tired of looking at my brown baby tooth, so she called her friends @drallanthomas and “gwamma” @patriciajhaley to get me fixed up right! I feel like a new man! Thanks guys

@the_diesel_des might want to kiss me now!!! ;)
We have gathered today for the Young Dentist Program! 20 of the best and brightest young Crown Council members have come together to learn and Mastermind.
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19 smiles and counting! Thank you Tawana for your generous donation to Smiles for Life and Rainbow Days!! #smilesforlife
Shout-out to our fearless leader! We are grateful for you, Greg. Happy Birthday! 🎊🎈