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A west coast Iowan with New Yorker blood, sweat and tears. Follow @stdiomak to find my artworks.

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The eagle has landed.
O Christmas tree, how are thy leaves so verdant! #mckinneylabelle
Because when life rots bananas, you make four mini-loaves of Vanilla-maple Honey-roasted Oats Banana Bread. 🍦🍁 🍯 🔥 🌾 🍌🍞
And the calm after the storm. ☀️😎 🇲🇽 #sheratongrandloscabos
A storms a brewing. ⛈ 🌴 🇲🇽
I’m not sure if I will ever cook a turkey any other way from now on. #happythanksgivng
I feel like I should be making @fiatusa commercials... the #fiat500c continues to prove itself!
Today’s secret word is #VOTE - you all know what to do. Don’t say it, do it!
A brain is a terrible thing to waste. 🧟‍♂️ 🧠 👀 #happyhalloween2018  #halloween
Surprisingly, they don't sell a lot of brains at our local 7-Eleven. 🧟‍♀️ 🧠 👀 #happyhalloween2018 #halloween
We’re hungry. 👀 #Halloween #zombiecrawlsm #zombiecrawlsm2018  #zombiecrawl2018
5 days, 4 cities, 3 states, 2 countries, 1 view. #workingfortheweekend #imissmybed