Casey Newton
Happy Bastille Day y'all. And vive la France!
Greek philosophy
In Mykonos a photographer stopped me and asked if I would help him style a photo shoot with the world's two most beautiful women and I was like sure, why not (📹: @gaberivera)
This week on Converge, Front CEO Mathilde Collin and I compete to write the worst email. Check it out! Link in bio! #benghazi
This week on Converge, @mj2r makes me pitch him Twitter using only information available in 2005. It was horrible. #linkinbio
Y'all this week on Converge I got to talk to the amazing @marannelson about how sci-fi has left us unprepared for the truly scary things AI can do. Link's in the bio!
The most fun thing in improv is doing scenes with @kalia_ca. From our (sold out!!!) show this weekend 😍
This is Pocket's @nateweiner. He wants to build a better version of the news feed inside Firefox. He came on Converge this week to talk to me! Link in bio!
This is Mark. Mark is the head of spam fighting at Google. He came on Converge this week and played a game called Spam or No Ma'am. Listen and let me know what you think!
Four days after I talked to @shanlynm, she raised $100 million for her startup Zola. Coincidence??? Check out this week's episode of Converge to hear how she's doing it 😊
Thank you @partysima for being an amazing first guest on Converge, which launches today! The link's in my bio. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!
This is Colton. He provides security for a San Francisco startup and his coworkers tell me he's doing a great job.