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Improv cuties at the San Diego Improv Festival 沽
Picked up a comedy hobby a couple years back. Tonight I perform in #Sketchfest, in the same festival as heroes like Maria Bamford, Christopher Guest, and Paul F. Tompkins. I am super happy and excited!
20 years ago @bittner_emily walked into the dean's office at Medill and I thought ... we should be friends. Now it's 2018 and we are great friends and she's married and I couldn't be happier for her. Congratulations schmoops!
Happy New Year cuties (沒キ: @gaberivera)
New Year's Eve with @karaswisher was lit, fam (沒キ: @heysmashley)
Joe and Brian have been my best friends since 1994. And now Joe is married and Brian and I have active Tinder accounts. Congratulations Joe! (He doesn't have an Instagram account so stop thirsting)
On Jan. 1 I set a goal of performing in five shows this year. I wound up performing five times this quarter alone, finishing up with a super fun set tonight. Thank you to my pals in @luxurycruisesinglesmixer for an amazing year 沽
笙・ク improv
New headshot! 沒キ: @happicamp
Made a pilgrimage to one of the spiritual homes of #improv tonight. The Stepfathers were incredible and basically the north star I will be aiming at for the rest of my comedy life 沽
Exploring Hawaii with five of the funniest people I know. Including @michaelp817 who took this picture 沽