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2nd and 3rd graders led the monthly heritage assembly on the Native Americans. Deaf Native American Lavar Kellywood shared about his involvement with Navajo as a Drummer.
This Eagle is still mulling over the many amazing messages contained in Calvin Young’s presentation. He talked about being open to new experiences, even ones you may think are gross. He talked eloquently about the beauty of color, both in a color palette and on people as well as how fascinating it is to Learn about other cultures and other ways of doing things, including transportation and responding to nature’s call. He enthralled students with a guessing game where students had to guess what a sign from another country meant. One big message he had is how interconnected we are as a community and the amazing network we have simply because we are Deaf. Thank you, @seektheworld_ , for your meaningful and thought-provoking messages! #csdms #csdms2018 #csdthat
CSD CORE staff (Berke, Bye, Call, and Mockus) presented at the California Educational Research Association (CERA) annual conference in Anaheim. The focus of their presentation was on the importance of using student ASL skills as a starting point for analyzing student growth. In addition, they shared about the implications this has had on our curriculum and instruction. #csdcore
The Talon Media crew was in for another treat today- a special guest speaker. Calvin Young, a Deaf traveler of “Seek the World” fame, came to visit and shared amazing stories, useful tips, stunning photographs, and cool videos for the crew to learn about/from. Thank you, Calvin! #seektheworld #deaftalent #csdcte2018 #csdtalonmedia
Brittany Comegna, NTID Admissions Counselor, visited CSD last month to give 10th-12th graders an overview about the college. Sam Sepah, RIT alumni and Global HR Program Manager at Google, also presented to the students to share his journey and how RIT was a huge part of contributing to who he is and where he is today. Later that evening, NTID hosted a dinner for Seniors and their families and had the opportunity to learn about NTID at our biennial Family Night. The next day, some Seniors were allotted 1-on-1 time with Brittany to ask more detailed questions that weren’t covered in the presentation. These experiences are designed  to help students make decisions about their post-secondary plans. #csdcareercenter #rit #ntid #deafeducation
Save the date!  The annual Alumni Basketball Game will be on Thursday December 20 this year.  See you all there!
CSD’s world was well traveled by Calvin Young’s realness, inspiration, and infectious energy. He vibrates with a DO WHAT YOU LOVE energy that just makes you smile. makes you happy. He had the opportunity to meet with CSD TalonMedia production team.  He’s awesome!  Thank you @sorenson_vrs for sending him to CSD.  #seektheworld #csdthat #csdcte #csdcte2018 #csdhs2018 #csdhs #csdms #csdms2018