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We are so proud of these two students, Felica and Vanessa, for helping those in need. The cottage supervisors gave them a PAWS certificate for going out of their way to give food and drinks to the homeless. They were recogized by a teacher who was in the area witnessing them caring for others. Thank you young ladies for your lovely thoughtfulness. #csdr #csdrkindness
Read A Shirt Day! (2nd Friday every month)
Now what do these T-shirts read? Ms. Scarlett Valencia in red: “All I need is chai tea and a really good book.” Ms. Becca Gleicher in purple: “Keep calm, drink tea, and read good books.” Ms. Erika Thompson in gray: “I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.”-Harry Potter. #csdr #csdrliteracy
Games and movie! #csdr #csdrstudentlife
A glimpse of our beautiful evening gathering with kickball! It’s fun being a part of CSDR HS Student Life! #csdr #csdrstudentlife
DEAR time today in Ms. Gleicher's Bilingual Language Arts class as students get ready to kick off the Accelerated Reader program! #csdr #csdrliteracy [Image: Six students in a classroom quietly sitting at their individual desks reading novels. A bookcase filled with books rests on the countertop behind them.]
Riverside mourns the loss of an international Deaf hero, Gerald “Bummy” Burstein. Bummy passed away Friday evening August 31, 2018 at the age of 91 in his hometown, Riverside, CA.

A native of "Brooklyn, USA", his love of the Brooklyn Dodgers “Dem Bums” gave him the nickname “Bummy.” On the contrary, Bummy has led an active life making great contributions to the community. Bummy graduated from Gallaudet University in 1950 and became a teacher for Deaf children.  After 52 years as teacher and administrator, which included 37 years at CSDR, he retired.  During his retirement years he remained a staunch supporter of education for Deaf children and youth.

In recognition of Bummy's leadership and generosity, CSDR honored him in February 2010 with the establishment and dedication of the Gerald "Bummy" Burstein Student Center.

Upon learning of his passing, Superintendent Nancy Hlibok Amann stated, "It is our commitment to make sure Bummy's legacy lives on." Information regarding a memorial service for Bummy will be made available at a later date.
Ty was reading a book at the cafeteria earlier this week. A reminder to pick up a book and read, regardless of where you are during the Labor Day weekend! #csdr #csdrliteracy #acceleratedreader
Kevin Struxness gave an inspirational presentation to HS students today about how he committed to earning a good education at CSDR and how he, from humble beginnings, amassed a million dollars by investing every month for 30 years, which he will give to CSDR for a permanent endowment fund. Students cheered loudly at this great role model and benefactor! #csdr #csdrkindness
Our High School students received these awesome backpacks as a welcome back to school gift from the school and ASBG. These backpacks were given to students so that they could have something to put in their new iPads and student planners. This year the High School theme is "Improvement begins with 'I'." We look forward to watching everyone from the students to the teachers and staff work on improving themselves and each other in every way possible! #csdr #csdrkindness
Students engage in “Chalk the Walks”: spreading joy, optimism, and inspiration through the magical power of sidewalk chalk! See a few samples of many messages from students across the CSD Riverside campus. Project: #csdr #csdrkindness
Students “chalk the walk” to spread joy, optimism, and inspiration through the magical power of sidewalk chalk! #csdr #csdrkindness VC: Ms. Scarlett Valencia
Congratulations and best of luck to the following twelve CSD Riverside graduates of 2018 who are starting their first week at a four-year university, at either Gallaudet University or Rochester Institute of Technology! 
Students in photo order: Jacob Weiss, Karla Mendez Guerrero, Nathaniel Humpal, Alexandra Monge, Victor Fonseca, Hailey Burton, Richard Celis, Karina Figueroa, Valetin Lopez, Dakota Ronco, Elijah Watters, and Bailey Chmaj. #csdr @gallaudetu @ritntid [Image: black and white photo collage of students, most of whom wear "I'M IN" Gallaudet white T-shirts, one male student wearing a hoodie and holding a banner for "RIT", with faded photo of the buildings of NTID and Gallaudet in the background]