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You represented CSDR well at the Mr. & Miss Deaf Teen America pageant last evening. Kudos to Serenity Fry and Elijah Andrade! #csdr #hs #deaftalent #deafteenamerica [Image: Young female and male, both with tan complexion and dark straight hair, standing and smiling onstage with sashes over their matching red/black evening wear, and holding trophy plaques and palm leaves]
May 4th, 2018, 7-11pm | Eventbrite: CSDR LIT GALA #csdrlitgala
This weekend Mr. & Miss Deaf Teen America pageant is hosted at Arkansas School for the Deaf, with live streaming tomorrow Saturday night at 7pm central time (5pm California time):

Have a wonderful experience and good luck, Serenity Fry and Elijah Andrade! You are excellent role models and make CSDR proud! [Image: group photo of contestants with their staff chaperones outside on the lawn in front of Arkansas State Capitol, Mr. Silas Wagner, Ms. Becky Gage, Mr. and Miss CSDR Elijah Andrade and Serenity Fry]
This morning on Wednesday March 14 at 9:45a.m., student leaders hosted their National Walkout Day demonstration with support from school staff and administration. The walkout occurred outside in front of the entry at the MAC. Leaders wore orange shirts which demonstrates gun violence. Students in the crowd held up posters on Anti-Gun Violence. The program began with a moment of silence for the wrongfully slain souls at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. The students honored the 17 fallen with 17 biodegradable balloons, with their names written on each balloon. Each orange-clad department student representative waited in silence for exactly 17 seconds, then released a balloon and presented a brief biography on who that fallen person was, whose balloon was already soaring high into the sky beyond mortal sight: Soccer player Alyssa Alhadeff, History teacher Scott Beigel, Freshman Martin Duque, Star swimmer Nicholas Dworet, Football coach Aaron Feis, Student Jaime Guttenberg, Athletic Director Chris Hixon, Luke Hoyer, Cara Loughran, Freshman Gina Montalto, Joaquin Oliver who was a student from Venezuela, JROTC student Alaina Petty, Senior Meadow Pollack, Helena Ramsey, Alex Schachter who was a freshman on the marching band, Carmen Schentrup who was a National Merit Scholar semi-finalist, and ROTC student Peter Wang.  #EnoughisEnough #csdr #csdrkindness
Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the FEAST culinary program's exciting new urban garden/farm on campus, for a new “Farm to Fork” feature of the program! Pictured here are project partners Ewing Irrigation, Toro, Kellogg Garden Products, ValleyScape, and Riverside Garden Council checking out the site with CTE principal Ms. Shelly Freed, before heavy work begins mid-March. #csdr #cte #farmtofork
The CSDR family leapt with joy at the announcement of the “Most Outstanding Player” being awarded to our Nathaniel Humpal, a student at CSDR since Elementary, and now a Senior in his last year on the Academic Bowl. We are very proud of “N8”! #csdr #hs #guacademicbowl #deafed
CSDR continues to hold the title as the West Region Academic Bowl champion team, out of 15 teams in the West. Good luck at nationals in April! #csdr #hs #guacademicbowl #deafed
CSDR is currently 4-0 at the Gallaudet University West Region Academic Bowl in Irvine, CA. They played three matches yesterday on Saturday, March 10. The first match was vs. Idaho SDB: 69-40; the second match was vs. Taft HS: 63-21; and the third match was vs. Madison HS: 58-34. They also played one more match this morning vs. Oregon SD and won 58-11. We are now in the playoffs and will play with the goal of winning a fifth consecutive regional championship! [Image: Sitting at their table during the competition, CSDR players attending to their coaches' advice. Nathaniel Humpal, Dakota Ronco, Hailey Burton and Spencer Willey, with Mr. Darren Hause and Ms. Alyssa Romano]

#csdr #hs #deafed #academicbowl #guacademicbowl
Dr. Roz Rosen asked HS students "What's the tallest building in the world?" One student technically answered correctly, "Burj Khalifa" in Dubai. Roz, however, replied "The Library- it has the most 'stories' in the world." How funny, but true! Come to Social Hall Friday 3/9/18 at 4-5:30pm today to buy her books, $16 black/white, $30 color. CC/check/cash accepted. Only the students were honored with a free book, courtesy of Bummy Burstein, TinaJo Breindel, Joe Dannis, Trudy Suggs, and Roz Rosen! THANK YOU! #csdrkindness #csdr #hs
Excited to have Dr. Roz Rosen here for a free community workshop Friday 3/9/18 at 4-5:30pm in Social Hall. For staff, students, families, community, ASL students, everyone! Interpreters provided. Author of Deaf Culture Fairy Tales- Autographed books on sale at CSDR during Roz’s visit, proceeds go to LEAD-K to help get deaf kids ready for kindergarten. For questions, contact 
Dr. Roslyn "Roz" Rosen's Bio: Currently retired, her career included being director of the National Center on Deafness at CSUN, and faculty, Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Gallaudet University. Roz has also been intensively involved in community service.  She has served as a NAD board member and President and WFD board member. She currently is on the core team for the national campaign to stop language deprivation, known as Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids – Kindergarten Ready (LEAD-K), board member of WVSDB and board member of Discovering Deaf Worlds.  She has presented and written on a number of topics, ranging from human rights to education and educational leadership.  She authored “Deaf Culture Fairy Tales.” In her spare time, Roz reads, beachcombs, cooks, writes and dabbles in the arts.
CSDR student film assistants Dylan and Sebastian sit as temporary extras, while student actors Jared and Hannah walk by talking. Collaboration with Communication Service for the Deaf vision film project. #csdr #hs #csdrstem
CSDR student actors Jared and Hannah enjoying the film project produced by Communication Service for the Deaf, continuing all week! Location at a local public library. #csdr #hs