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To think that in Dec we made our own Akira tees and put a spin on them designs and Supreme have only gone and done the same later this year.

Crazy to see how relevant this film is to this day! To those who supported us on our take of this big up yourself! To those who slept on the vision we wasn't stupid. #💊 If you could please follow @capsulesupplycompany
🔥🔫 Dragonball Z is still king!
🌀 yes mate Dreamgassed!
@guccifatboi On Site!
Happy Birthday to the great one! ❤️ love ya always Mum!
Sonic Mania, It's been a while...🔵
Leaf Village.
@celinedion was dope! I only recognised 5 or so tracks but as an artist and who has been through a lot as of late it was great to see her doing what she does on form! Glad my @luckycharm186 enjoyed herself once again! X
Riverside Festival was sweet with Mom and Sis! @sezzehhh Turns out I can not row a boat whatsoever.
🚿♻️ With love to @guccifatboi always ❤️
📷 my little @luckycharm186
Always wanted to be in the Akatuski