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#throwback. Love you guys!!! @levelfivegay & @brie_lieve
Just got the news we are putting Teto down tomorrow. I'll miss you my demon pupper. 🐕♥️ Rest in Peace little guy.
I'm feeling upset right now so I'm gonna do this before sleeping.
Things that make me happy:
⚓ My current favorite song after School/Work ⚓ Being productive before 10am ⚓ Reading really good poetry or fan theories that give me chills ⚓ All the Summer Storms we have been getting ⚓ Starting a new Notebook with thousands of ideas ⚓ When people compare me to my favorite characters ⚓ Slow breaths in silence. ⚓ Red and Blue Aesthetics ⚓ The smile on people's faces when you help them and they weren't expecting kindness. ⚓ Interesting History Facts ⚓ that uncontrollable skip when walking is just not cheery enough ⚓ The first 6 steps into a book store ⚓ The moments I don't feel like I'm the only one. 💙 Make your own list below.
Kigurumi Krew. 💙
#transrightsarehumanrights 🌈
These people fight for your country. They are a hero just as much as the next guy. This is the president you voted for. Are you happy with your outcome? The country you can be however you want to be huh? Bullshit. #untilweallbelong
My first #owlcrate and I'm so happy about it. My favorite parts of the box in the photo 💚 I've heard amazing things about this book can't wait to start reading it with this exclusive cover 😱😍
A flower duet stops. A flower duet begins. 
The magic of repeat
God I miss my dad. -Kids of Appetite By David Arnold 🌹
Just when I think I'm not going to try and cosplay anymore.
Hope is a powerful thing. Some say it's a different breed of magic altogether. Elusive, difficult to hold on to, but not much is needed - Stephanie Garber, Caraval 🔮