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✨ Oscar Wilde ✨ would be proud of me.
Aspiring Writer, Student at CGCC & Just generally loves learning and entertainment.
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Words can't describe how starstruck I was. The show was incredible. Met Anjelica and The King but was too busy talking to them I forgot to ask for photo's. Woaps.
Hey guys, I really want to be a DM again. Looking for people who want to play D&D! DM me or leave a comment and lets make a party!!
Happy New Year!
December '17 was rough but I'm taking what I learned from it to help me in 2018. Here's to the future and the adventure.
I see a good life ahead of me and it's beautiful. I am ignorant to tomorrows pain but today I forge a light of hope to guide my path. ××××××××
Blow a kiss to the sky for the departed Oasis 4. 🌟
Happy birthday to the best smile in the world. I love you miranda!
This album knows all my secrets.
@levelfivegay I'm gonna have to ask you to stop being so god damn photogenic.
Life works in mysterious ways and if it's one thing I hate, it's not understanding something. But at least I'm pretty right.
Me: I can't believe this is the last day of harry potter canon. 
Someone: didnt they make a play of their kids first year in-
#throwback. Love you guys!!! @levelfivegay & @brie_lieve
Just got the news we are putting Teto down tomorrow. I'll miss you my demon pupper. 🐕♥️ Rest in Peace little guy.
I'm feeling upset right now so I'm gonna do this before sleeping.
Things that make me happy:
⚓ My current favorite song after School/Work ⚓ Being productive before 10am ⚓ Reading really good poetry or fan theories that give me chills ⚓ All the Summer Storms we have been getting ⚓ Starting a new Notebook with thousands of ideas ⚓ When people compare me to my favorite characters ⚓ Slow breaths in silence. ⚓ Red and Blue Aesthetics ⚓ The smile on people's faces when you help them and they weren't expecting kindness. ⚓ Interesting History Facts ⚓ that uncontrollable skip when walking is just not cheery enough ⚓ The first 6 steps into a book store ⚓ The moments I don't feel like I'm the only one. 💙 Make your own list below.