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CURE UK works in developing countries to transform the lives of children with correctable disabilities through surgery & compassionate care.

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Mashoul seems completely unfazed by his second surgery on his burn contractures yesterday! He was up and about this morning colouring with our art therapist and had the biggest smile on his face. He told us he can’t wait to go back to the CURE Niger guest house to play with his friends!

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“If I walk long distances, it hurts and I get so tired,” says Izara and continues, “I was in the first grade but I could not continue school because of my leg. If I get healed and walk without pain, I want to go back to school.”
Izara has a bone condition and had an operation on her leg when she was three years old after she got sick. But when she wasn’t able to follow up on her treatment, her leg got worse and walking became very difficult. 
Eventually she was sent to CURE Ethiopia by her other hospital where she had surgery to start her healing journey. Her frame is doing a wonderful job correcting her leg, and although she still has a little way to go, she is making great progress. Please join us in wishing her well on her journey to recovery!

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CURE Malawi's physiotherapy team say goodbye to Emma, a volunteer leaving after six months with the team. Thanks Emma!

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Transformation Tuesday! “I felt guilty. I thought as if there is something I did wrong.” Lydia, Noah’s mother shared with us.
Noah, the youngest of three children, was born with one shorter and weaker leg, making walking very difficult. Thankfully, one of our doctors at CURE Zambia met Noah and his mother at a mobile clinic, and now Noah is on a path to healing. The doctors originally thought they would need to amputate his leg, but once in surgery found it was salvageable after all! Noah has just had his second surgery, and although there will be more to come, he is doing very well so far.
Please join us in praying for strength and healing for Lydia and for Noah as they seek a better life for this little guy!

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It’s time to celebrate CURE Ethiopia’s 10 year anniversary! Since opening, there have been over 17,498 surgeries for children with correctable disabilities because of your support. Thank you!

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"I cannot send her to school because the school is too far for her to walk and she is not strong enough to do that," says Mesfin, Marjina’s father. Marjina came to CURE Ethiopia seeking help for her clubfoot. She came to the hospital with her father and he is thankful to have found a place that would give him all the help his baby needs. Marjina lives with her parents, who are both farmers, and she has an older brother.
Marjina has had serial casting and recently an operation to treat her clubfoot. She is doing very well and continuing her healing, please keep her in your prayers!

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Sara is clubfoot-free after years of Ponseti treatment at CURE Kenya. Now she’s finally been healed and is free to just live her life. Now that’s something worth jumping about!

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Nyala was quite wary of us when she first arrived at CURE Ethiopia, but she is a sweet little girl with a big smile that she now shares with us all the time! 
Nyala has a condition which leads her bone to grow very thin and frail. Her shin has not connected properly, leaving it floppy, and she is unable to walk. Unfortunately there is no proper 'fix' for this condition. But she has had a number of procedures at CURE Ethiopia, giving small improvements over time. Sadly the bone may give way again in the future, but for now Nyala is doing well and loves getting to play with new friends and being creative during her hospital stays.
Please pray for strength and healing of little Nyala’s legs!

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Matthews was brought to one of our CURE Zambia mobile clinics with severe clubfoot. This seven year old boy came with his father, Moba, who had tried getting him treatment when he was two years old but it was unsuccessful.
Matthews’ clubfoot has deprived him of experiencing school because he is unable to walk long distances without severe pain. Just like any other child his age, Matthews wants to play with his friends, but sometimes he is laughed at and mocked for his disability. “When they laugh at him he gets angry and sometimes he cries, but I always encourage him that you will also one day put on shoes,” recounts Moba. 
Matthews has now had surgery on his feet and is just waiting for his dressings to come off! He was overjoyed to receive a get well card as he finally begins the healing process.

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"He is so young and already people are whispering about him. When he is healed, they will not make fun of him and he will be able to live his life," Younoussa, Zifa's mum, tells us. 
Zifa is the youngest of three children and the first in his family to be born with a cleft lip. Doctors told Younoussa about us here at CURE Niger but advised that Zifa needed to be a little older before he could have surgery. 
Younoussa and Zifa have endured the judging side glances and gossipy whispers of those in their village as they've waited for Zifa to grow. These experiences have only served to strengthen their resolve to find healing and a life free of stigma for Zifa. Now that our little guy has grown big and strong, he has finally had his cleft lip surgery. As Zifa heals, his smile grows! 
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Children draw so much joy from different types of play. But have you ever thought about how children with physical disabilities may struggle to hold toys, or kick a ball, or run around playing hide and seek?

At CURE Kenya, we believe in equality and inclusivity for all kids. Our playroom is a place where everyone can play freely without mockery or hindrance. From art supplies to tricycles to movie time, our playroom has something for everybody, no matter their disability. 
We have a book that tells children what to expect before, during, and after their procedure. The kids hang out in the playroom before their operation, helping to distract them from their hunger (as they aren’t allowed to eat before surgery), and from any anxiety.

The playroom offers a needed escape for our kids.

One of our patients sums it up well: “I like the playroom because it helps me forget that I am in the hospital, and I meet new friends.” #CURE #Kenya #Charity #Healing #PlayTherapy #Orthopaedic #Africa #Disability
When Kesi was born with clubfoot and a congenital deformity in his spine, his parents did not have any money or information in regards to what they needed to do for their son, so Kesi was forced to live with the condition.
In 2007 a part of Western Kenya was affected by clashes that led to many being killed, others injured, and many families displaced. Kesi was picked up by an organization and was taken to a children’s home that helped him get into school. He was also taught how to be as independent as possible with his condition and was able to interact with other children with conditions similar to his.
Kesi found the CURE Kenya hospital and after surgeries and casts and years of wearing braces he has made an amazing recovery. He now plays his favourite sport – football – and was even voted best defensive player of his team!

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