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This Valentine窶冱 Day, give her something BIG! 沽や擘ク @therachelraquel 沁・ @diamondbfilms (tag 2 people!)
1 year of smelling all my farts. 汳ィ 12 months of me trying to annoy you when I窶冦 bored. 沽
52 weeks of having to decide what 窶忤e窶决e窶 gonna eat. 洟キ沛サ窶坂凾ク
365 days of hogging the bed. 汨
8760 hours of asking me if I like your outfit.沐・
525600 minutes of me writing this caption.沽
...And the second you need me, I窶冤l be there 笶、ク終 love you @therachelraquel
How to get a girl窶冱 ATTENTION笶暦ク条沽酒沽ュ @anacheri (tag 2 people that need to see this!)
DONT LOOK! 泗What would you do? 沽を沽@therachelraquel @thegregfurman @adamw @jojoe @ashleykfit @haileebobailee (tag 2 people!) 沁・ @blackwashed
Every girl窶冱 窶廛REAM窶 boyfriend 沽 @therachelraquel 沁・@iamjesserichards (tag 2 笶、ク術eople)
Some things are just TOO EXTREME for me!! 沽ュ沽ュ @steveo (tag 2 people)
I love cats @cesarsway
SOME FRIENDS GET ROASTED NO MATTER WHAT! 沐・沐・沽 @klarity @tonioskits @adamw @reedobrown @courtneyrmitchell (tag a friend) @ty.riik
Trying to impress my girl in 2018 like... 沽 w/ @therachelraquel
I窶冦 not gonna lie, 2017 was rough for me. I lost sight of what makes me happy and I窶况e allowed negativity to affect me窶敗omething I promised myself I wouldn窶冲 do! So 2018 is going to be a year of POSITIVITY! POSITIVE ENERGY! POSITIVE  THOUGHTS! I WILL MANIFEST MY GOALS INTO REALITY! I WILL FOLLOW MY HEART, LOVE MYSELF AND THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN MY LIFE! (That includes all of you!) PMA ALL DAY! Happy new year everyone 笶、ク 沒ク:@blackwashed
When you run out of cookies on Christmas Eve 沁沛シ沚ェ沽 (tag 3 people)
窶弋HE NAUGHTY LIST窶 w/ @ayla_woodruff @thegregfurman 沁・ @blackwashed (tag 5 people!)