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1. It’s her birthday!!! 🎁 🎉 
2. She dealt with my castaway beard for 5 months!!! ❌🧔🏻❌
3. She’s an amazing singer/songwriter and has sooo much music coming out this year!!! 🎤🎶 4. She’s fricken gorgeous, I mean just look at her!!! 💁🏻‍♀️🔥
5. We’ve been dating a year and a half so we’re practically married!!! 💍
6. I wanna be with her forever!!! 👫
7. Her favorite food is bacon!!! 🥓 -
Let’s get her to 200k! Happy birthday babe I love you so much!!! 😘😘😘
I look 12
100k likes and I’ll shave the other side 👀 100k comments and I’ll keep it like this forever 🔥🤣 (swipe)
100k likes and I will shave my beard 🧔🏻🤣 (swipe)
He’s a viral sensation... He’s newsworthy... He’s my dad! Best DAB/DAD ever!! I love you! 🔥👨🏻🍩🎉#happyfathersday
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1 year of smelling all my farts. 💨 12 months of me trying to annoy you when I’m bored. 😘
52 weeks of having to decide what “we’re” gonna eat. 🤷🏻‍♂️
365 days of hogging the bed. 👀
8760 hours of asking me if I like your outfit.🔥
525600 minutes of me writing this caption.😎
...And the second you need me, I’ll be there ❤️I love you @therachelraquel
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