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CEVC Pumpkin Decorating Contest! Please comment the number of the pumpkin you like best. All voters will be entered in a drawing for a special gift! 🎃👻
Modo Eyewear is now in stock! Stop by anytime to check out them out! 👓
CEVC Fall Retreat. Focusing on training and staff development, allowing us to improve your patient experience. “When we help ourselves, we find moments of happiness. When we help others, we find lasting fulfillment.“- Simon Sinek
Say hello to the newest member of our CEVC Family! 👋🏼
Things are coming along...
CEVC Team Building at Paint with a Twist!🎨
Coming soon to our optical gallery, Modo Eyewear. Where one pair of glasses can make a difference. With the purchase of any Modo frame, a child across the world will receive an eye exam, eye treatment if needed, and pair of glasses! 👓
Do you ever notice small specks or floaters in your vision? It could be nothing to be concerned about or it could lead to something more serious. What are they and where do they come from? Schedule an eye exam today to check your eye health at 469-272-3937
Did you know that the eye can develop its own hypertension? It typically does not cause any noticeable signs or symptoms and can lead to permanent vision loss. Find out if you have ocular hypertension by scheduling an eye exam today at 469-272-3937
Happy Tuesday!
Eye freckles, technically known as a nevus. They’re similar to moles on your skin. “Nevus” means “mole.” Some  are easy to spot. But others are hidden in the back of your eye, where no one but your eye doctor will ever see them. It may even turn into a type of cancer called melanoma. So whether they’re old or new, it’s always a good idea to get them checked out by doing a full comprehensive eye exam. Call or text us now at 469-272-3937 to schedule your exam!