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well, i’ve survived 30 yrs of this life. happy leo season, bitches! it’s been a 30 yrs full of many things. i’m still here even though still some days i don’t want to be, but at least i don’t throw up daily anymore, so there’s that! let’s take a second for some realness: you don’t always have to be ok or “thriving” (i hate that word as much as i hate “creative” used as a noun). it’s all right. just keep swimming. if i can, you can too. #30 #happybirthdaytome #lastfuckableday #haha
🌿 #saturday
and another one, because i really like this one #summer #italy
here are a few street photos from italy. i’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, partly because i fall for it a lot while taking photos, even though i’m conscious of it - the perfect frame. instagram, for all its positive features, stresses grabbing that perfect shot, ideally just of yourself in a scenic location, to show off just how #blessed your life is, pretending like no one else is around. yeah, ok. well. i remember my favorite two photos i took on a trip to spain & france a very long time ago were street photos, taken with a disposable camera. if you see the streets of a city, you get a better vibe of it. i’m trying to train myself back to that mentality and i regret that i wasn’t more conscious of it while in italy. how many simple, beautiful shots did i miss there, focusing instead on some bullshit perfect, essential shot of an italian vacation, a perfect instagram opportunity. if all goes well and we go to poland next summer, i have a small photo project for myself all ready in my little head. it should be easier because i know poland like i know myself - i know all the ugly, dirty parts, i’m already under its skin. i wish i was more brave about taking portraits of people, but really, i guess places and landscapes and *palimpsests* are what i’m more interested in ✌️🆗 #italy #summer #street
justys wears all @glossier all the time ✌️ #saturday
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💚 sorrento & capri #italy
italian bae, pt 3 #italy