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- R1 Done
- R2 Feb 15/16
- R3 Mar 16/17
- R4 Mar 30/31
- R5 Apr 26/27


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How good were those fireworks? 🧨 
Would you like to see more at Round 2?

@pyro_co Does 🤘

Wellington Family Speedway 
February 15th + 16th 
Gates open 10am, main show from 3pm 📷 @dwood.nz
The level of driving that is coming out of the Pro-Sport drivers this season will put you on the edge of your seat! 
The battle for 3rd & 4th between @kurtblackiedrift and Jordan Joyce. Baypark- Round 1. 
#drifting #baypark #d1nz #d1nzr1 #r32 #s13 📷 @dwood.nz
👋 @mattyhilldrift 
Last season Matty Hill took out the Wellington event ✔️
He just snapped up 3rd place at Baypark over the weekend. ✔️
Where will he sit on the leader board by the end of round 2? Wellington Family Speedway. February 15th/16th
📷 @dwood.nz
Here is your Pro leader board 👏
Round 1 - Baypark is complete, bring on Round 2 - Wellington Feb 15th/16th
Here is your Pro-Sport leader board 👏
Congratulations @customdrift on qualifying P1 and taking the overall win for the weekend!
Congratulations @darrenkellydrift on taking out the first round of the 2019 D1NZ Pro Championship.
2nd - @daynom Templeman
3rd - @mattyhilldrift 
Round 2 - Wellington is just over 4 weeks away, have you got your ticket? Link in bio 📷 @dwood.nz
Pro Championship. 
Battling for 1st & 2nd - Darren Kelly vs Daynom Templeman.
Battling for 3rd & 4th - Matty Hill vs David Steedman
HERE WE GO! This it, the Galore Parts battle tree for Pro Top 4. Stick around to see the @pyro_co fireworks extravaganza 🧨
The Galore Parts battle tree for Pro Top 8.
The competition is getting tough out there!
Make sure you tag us in your photos, videos & poster signings.
The Galore Parts battle tree for Pro Top 16. 
We’ll be back on livestream soon!
Sunday evening event schedule for Round 1 - Baypark Stadium, Tauranga. There will be a pit walk after the Top 24. Livestream will be back from 5.30pm.