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Glimpse into my 🌍 my loves 💕fashion, interiors, healing, dreamer, deep thinker, beauty, myself plus 👦🏼🧒🏼👧🏼, alchemist, visionary, transformation ✨💖✨


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Today home schooling look 👀 s like this....dropped the boy at his wood work group in Nailsworth near Stroud. Which is actually an amazing ✨little place to shop. Bought this beauty of a knuckle duster which is beyond sparkly ✨✨from @honeytrapwomenswear. Taking some space to think...lots is changing we’re wrapping up homeschooling which has been amazing to watch my boy transform in front of my eyes. Also kind of full on! It just proves it’s all about creating the right environments for ourselves to flourish. 🦋🦋🦋 im doing the same work in myself making some big life changes for us all(more on that to come).....for now I’m diving into the summer with my little loves 🦄🦉🦕 sending love 💕 🦋🦋🦋 #homeschooling #style #sparkle
When the school run looks like this.....swipe to see more. Every part of me feels gratitude 🙏🏻 dropped the the big boy off at farm school ✨✨extra lovely with this weather and all. Some times in life big decisions feel scary. The choice to homeschool for this period of time(He starts a Steiner school in September).Was well let’s say a little intense especially with a divorce in the midst. However it’s evolved to be the most lovely time for my boy and him being happy makes life easier for me. 💖the phrase time out for me doesn’t mean sit on the naughty step. It means time for space time to calm down, time to power up. I’ve done it allot in my life. So I suppose my thought is this....don’t be afraid to take space you never know what magic ✨you might find!! ✨#naturelover #freedomthinker #myway #yourway #homeschooling #love 💖#lifestyle
If ever there was a tree to crush on 😍 #naturelover #beautiful #peace
And then homeschooling looked like this.....✨✨✨✨✨💕#homeschooling #artist #lovelyboy #sohappy
This is what homeschooling looks like today ✨prepping his canvas to paint his logo for his name he designed. 🌞it’s so lovely to see my boy who was suffering so greatly feeling trapped in a class room. Today under a tree 🌳 being an artist in the making......you see my mum would always say all roads lead to Rome and I truly believe that’s true...in carving your own path out in this life. 💕sure it can be bumpy and scary but it’s little moments like these that it’s all worth it for. It’s literally makes my heart 💓 burst open with love and happiness. There is an element of self healing that goes on being a parent. We get to listen to the things we would have liked to be heard. For all the distress and worry parenting can cause it dishes out healing in equal measures. ✨✨✨✨✨#proudmummy #happy #homeschooling #ourownway #freedom #artist #consiousparenting  #love 💖
Beach 🏖 ready waiting for the train 🚂 all dressed up and ready to go! Self styling since the moment she could! #selfstyling #instakids #trainready #daytripping
Love 💖 this technicolour little monkey 🐒
Did I tell you how pretty my childhood home Bath is? Especially in the sun 🌞 oh and did I tell you how much I’m loving a hat this season 😊 sorry if I’m repeating myself 😍I’ll blame it on the kids! ✨✨💖💖✨✨
✨💋✨thank god for Sunday pool days 🌞
Everybody seems to be talking about how visible ✨they are in the world these days. It seems to be one of the many buzz words. I supposed it’s down to the obsession we have with social media we feel like if we have lots of followers of face book likes then people must be seeing 👀us? 
I have a hunch we’ve gotten it the wrong way round sorry guys. I feel like visibility 👀starts at home literally at home stripped back naked. Then looking at who we are what we want to express then how we’re going to do that. With our actions with our styles clothes & lives. Then if you feel like it post it......it doesn’t need to be perfect 👌🏻 but it does need to be your truth ✨ if you need some help with this then go get some....I can help you 😍😍😍😍 I’m on a push to get my coaching practice skipping and dancing into the 🌞 sunshine right now....it’s all about how we show up in the world 🌍 with our our styles both life and clothes & homes linking the inner work with the outer delights! PM if you have a hunch to work with me however small or large ✨✨✨✨#style #lifestyle #transformation #fashion #loveyourself #bethechange #joy  photo tbt yesterday and my pretty yellow dress which I’m loving!
Loving a long midsummer lunch 🥗 creating alchemy in the sun 🌞 today ✨💕✨
That there is the look of joy of a 5 year old who has just found the tv 📺 in her mamas finery! You see we don’t get much summer in the uk 🇬🇧 in the winter we’re forced to use the tv as a baby sitter. In the summer the tv 📺 has always gone on holiday in our house.....however not far... not far enough it seems. It’s been found...my mum did the same with us as kids. It brings back memories of my brother hiding in cupboards watching tv!! I would sneak and watch 1930s movies in a cupboard....my first memories of being inspired by clothes! 😂😂😂😂