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WARNING : Most of my posts are about my Jeep or lighting.

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After an incredible weekend at @2ndstudents student conference I can finally post the event opener I created for it. This piece was a lot of fun to create and started as a “what if?” Idea that ended up being an awesome reality! #motiongraphics
Saturday morning essentials
“Call me the one with the vibes...” 🤖👾👽🤖👾👽🤖👾👽🤖 #1980s #motiongraphics
It’s all about the beans #frenchpress
Before & After
#canon #videography #canont5
Happy New Year !
My jeep seems pretty popular, seeing how it was in 1/3 of my #bestnine2017
It had been an amazingly busy season. I can finally take a breath or two and maybe start watching a show that’s not The Office... Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the past month or so
Just finished wrapping presents. Can you guess which ones are for my little brother and sister?
I think I’m nearing my 6th hour of programming for Christmas Eve. I lost count about 15 follow cues ago 🕯
❄️I’m dreaming of a white December 8th❄️
This little boy loves #JurassicPark , his mom stopped and asked if they could take a photo with my jeep and of course I said yes . He was so excited to see my jeep up close as he got out of his moms car he let out “WOW OH MY GOODNESS!” - -  When I made my jeep I never would have guessed how many kids dreams I could make come true just by having a cool car.