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Woohoo!! The Art Critter EPISODE TWO is finally out! Thanks for being patient, everybody! This one is about liking things that are terrible and how that's ok. There's also a lot of Pyramid Head fangirling happening and I'm not sorry at all. Enjoy!! ▶ 
#theartcritter #videoessay #skull #puppet #video
I have to hand print all of these stupid birds so I got bored and started doing colors and it looks so much cooler 👍👍👍 #southerngroundhornbill #printmakingart #linocut
Repost to spread awareness for this super special canine!! #wolfdog #realwolfdog
#adoptme --- "A negative outlook is more of a handicap than any physical injury." Meet Furiosa, known to all who know and love her as simply "OSA!" This free-spirited girl has the best outlook on life and she refuses to be held back or let her handicap define her or make her live life any differently than her furry friends! Sweet, social, and a total love bug, Osa had a rough start to her short life but she refuses to give up! After losing her leg from a post-accident infection, this 'brown-eyed girl' proves every single day that having a handicap doesn't have to slow you down or define you! She is vibrant and active and will need a solid containment and a dedicated owner willing to let her be what she is, and give her plenty of time to adjust!

Osa is currently located in Oregon, but transport can be arranged for the right home! If you love wolfdogs and would like to open your home and your heart to this incredible girl, please contact me. She is approximately 2 years old, spayed, and up to date on all shots. She is good with children and her current pen mate is a male whom she adores and gets along with very well. She will not be placed in a home with livestock or free-range farm animals, or small household pets. Thanks for checking my girl out!!! Please contact Sara Movahedi for more information.

#Rescue #Osa #LowContent #AdoptDontShop #OneByOneUntilThereAreNone
At my day job, we sell bulk dog biscuits, and one brand always comes packed with these huge ingredient label stickers that we usually trash. But I've taken to saving them, mostly out of a hoarder mentality, but a little bit out of an artistic one. I finally got around to painting them with a layer of gesso and printing on them! There's 8 total. If you want one, it's $5, which includes S&H within the US. Message for details. #printmakingart #stamps #animalart #reclaimedart #upcycling
Drawing at mom and dad's, sippin on some wine. 👍 Happy Father's day, as well! #dogs #baldrbud #husky #mutt #sketch #drawing #malamute
Pledge $1 per month to see the rest of this #sketch page featuring my childhood favorite #neopet, the #krawk. Yes, I admit, I am a hopeless nostalgic geek. Sometimes the urge to depict cartoon monsters is too strong. #tombowdualbrushpens #markerart #mutant
Got a cute little set up tonight at  @thirdthursdaykent :) Love this event!
“Bringers of Rain” linocut 7"×12"
It’s bad luck to kill southern ground hornbills, as they’re the ones that bring the rains to the Serengeti. [You might say… that they bless the rains down in Aaaafricaaaa...] #hornbill #southerngroundhornbill #printmakingart
Mindlessly doodling while catching up on Twin Peaks. How... how many hands...? I don't know, man... #doodle #sketch #wolf #fox #canineswithhumanhands
Instagram cropping killed it, but here's a new piece: "Headspin" 9"x11" gouache, based on one of my favorite songs and my personal melancholy. Enjoy! #bastille #wolf #monster
Just going to town on this big ol metal bug. If I could title it, it'd be "Pheromone War Paint". One more absurdly intricate wing to go. #dragonfly #likekentart
Wonderful event at the Centennial Center tonight! Seriously amazing art down there, I highly recommend checking it out. Thanks to everyone that attended, friends new and old! It was a genuine treat. Even had a couple opportunities to reconnect with old friends! I love the community that art weaves. The show will be up until late August, so head down to the Centennial Center and say hi to my Antelope and Pine Martens. #likekentart #kentwa #publicart