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「ɑh-mɑh-nɑh //fangirl//muslim」
🌞 ~your opinion isn't needed if you don't like Lizɑ.
☁ ~(mɑinly) Lizɑ scenes.
✨ ~Lizɑ👍×3.
💌 ~24/06/16.


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that some martial arts shit in the second picture. BOI AM I GLAD I TOOK SCREENSHOTS.
k but like why do teachers think that not doing your homework means that you don't care about your education???? like someone's step-mother just died??? you can't just expect him put his homework over his mental state and give him an hours detention??? tf
i just want to go to a party like this. 😑
Congrats on 3M David and your work was a masterpiece.
I really like this new update now i can shitpost and it wont ruin my "theme" 😅
I just wanna tell you that you should never feel worthless or inferior to anyone just because of their opinions and views. You are your own person and if someone wants to make fun of you because they don't understand you or because they've got their head stuck so far up asses, then they can go and fuck themselves. You keep on slaying. And if your one of those people who have the nerve to do that, and personally want someone to feel like that just because you hold a grudge against them or because it's "funny", then go wake the fuck up man. You making someone feel like that isn't gonna make you a better person or give you any personal gain.
Zane is the real mvp.
p.s. what do you think of me posting scenes from youtubers other than the vlog squad. (lmao I'm still gonna do it bc it's my page i just wanna know what you think)
okay but Liza's face in the second frame.
bc i can't take compliments :)))))))))))
this vlog was a rollercoaster from start to finish.
i wanna post liza getting attacked by the tarantula but im really fucking scared of spiders.