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so glad to get back to this favorite combo: carving, david attenborough, and wolves.
made up some chainstitched tarot cards for @ftlonesome !
diez y seis
the best golden milk from @j.m.boyd at @chaparralcoffee. the perfect way to wake up after a long night of witchery with @txskylines and @kmanzur 💫
I have been feeling very thankful lately for the simple magic of singing. It's meant many different things to me over the years, but right now I'm focused on the physical sensation of it: profound/archaic, transcendent/elemental, intuitive/challenging. Thanks to @deadmanonline I got to sing some BGVs last night, one of my favorite things to do.
semi-synchronized swimming on @rabbitisland with @j.m.boyd @andrewranville @drgorski @tushayak and @mbbunny 💙
playing a secret filmed show in an hour with my babes @txskylines and @kmanzur . being behind the mic with these witchy ladies is one of my favorite places to be. dm me if you wanna come to the secret party! ✨
Today I get to work with one of my favorite filmmakers and collaborators, @nathanielchrist on a new project he's working on about Austin Music. It's being shot in VIRTUAL REALITY what?! Look at that crazy camera! So proud of you, Nathan, and thank you so much for including me! ❤️🎬🎥
Not sure why I feel so shary these days, but here's another clip from a video I made and never released. This one is from the good ole touring days with @txskylines @kmanzur @feverbones @littlemazarn @astrobleme and @tuggsnotdrugs ❤️
One of my favorite ways to escape the world is to spend hours upon endless hours on making videos that I'll never release. Here's a clip of one I made for my song Palmless. I'm working on another one for the song I wrote on Rabbit Island, which I hope to release soon/never! 😎