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I made a lil Etsy page for myself! You can order pet portraits and some new prints on there now, hopefully soon I’ll add some older prints too. It still needs some work, but it’s a start. My main goal is to get better at blockprinting and I’m finding that putting things out into the world (especially doing custom prints!) is the best way for me to hold myself accountable, so here we go! Link in profile! 
#blockprinting #printmaking #falconberryprints #petportrait #linocut #starstrings
wish making and hope storing tonight with @j.m.boyd
birch forest 
My Blood Moon Rising pillows are on display over at the beautiful new @kkdwco space out in Bertram! They are having a grand opening on March 3 and there are going to be cookies there. ❤️🍪
singing with @txskylines and @kmanzur feels like wringing my ancient soul for a drop of pure glowing amber honey, a necessary tonic that i don’t get enough of these days. last night we worked up a little version of this old folk tune for a show we have coming up...more details soon. ✨🍯✨
I had some leftover ink while printing yesterday so I pulled an old block from my archives to print. I probably carved this dude about 6 years ago. From 2014 until recently I took a pretty complete break from printing, and now getting back into it it’s crazy to see how my style changed in that time off. I think I would carve this guy very differently today! 
#blockprinting #printmaking #myshoulderisgonnafalloff #barnowl
Here’s a Quino Checkerspot Butterfly for the second print in my endangered Texas wildlife series. This lil has experienced a 95% population decline because of urban development and invasive non-native species, which obvs puts it on the endangered species list. One of the butterfly’s remaining homes is threatened by the concept of a border wall. 
I’m def having fun with this series but still need to figure some design elements out. 🤔Also I need a press, my shoulder hurts! Anyone out there have good ideas about a home press? 
Also also I may be teaming up with @beardedladyatx to do some screen printed versions of these prints, more details on that soon!! ❤️
#blockprinting #printmaking #quinocheckerspotbutterfly #texaswildlife #nobannowall
hey lil Quino Checkerspot! 🦋
very thankful for saturdays in my studio 🙏🏼✨
when we bought this house we were told that this space was primarily used by the father of the house, Chester. he left lots of little radios and weird tools around, and there are many creative lighting solutions going on in here. since i’ve started using the space to do blockprinting i am finding myself more and more thankful for Chester’s ingenuity, as many of his workarounds are coming in very handy for me! there are hooks in the right places, strange lights exactly where i need them, and today i just found a crop planting chart behind a panel. :) thank you Chester, wherever you are!
Friday night ❤️
These beautiful handmade cutting boards were my gifts to my family this year. They were designed and built by my insanely talented friend @co_jo_ma who is also a great philosopher AND a great husband/dad, and he just started his own etsy page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BoardBrain. Check it out!