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😍 Thankful for this one!
the moms ❤️❤️
trying to immortalize my favorite cosmic dude. 
#dogprint #blockprinting
@texaslivingwaters has featured my new song, Silver River in their recent blog post which is centered around giving thanks to life-giving water! You can purchase the song on @bandcamp and all of the proceeds for the month of November will go to the Texas Living Waters Project! 
#waterislife #rivers #riversong
photo by @j.m.boyd
tree sass 
captured in the wild by @j.m.boyd
Hiked up to 11,500 feet today and saw a view of the entire Tularosa Basin! One of the reasons I love this place so much is its stark representation of both lightness and darkness. In the first photo you can see @whitesandsnps made of glowing white gypsum sand in the far distance. In the second photo, across the basin, is a black lava flow (harder to see, behind that first little mountain range). ⚪️⚫️
white sands with @j.m.boyd