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last night the lake was wild and rough and deep deep blue, tonight is it silver and still.
Ok I'm just gonna keep putting this out there because whatever why not. I write songs differently all the time, but one constant is that each verse I write seems to reveal a new direction of the song. Here's verse two, in which I changed the guitar pattern slightly and I learned that the settler (Bergh) is losing his mind. It's 1892 and winter is coming.  He and his wife are the only people on the island, and she hates it here. He is desperately trying to fish not only for their sustenance, but also to start a small fishery on the island. As his wife becomes more miserable, he fishes longer and longer hours, though the days become shorter and shorter. His wife fears the night and the darkness it brings. Bergh begins losing track of things. Wishing for more daylight for his wife, and feeling the weight of the situation, he begins to believe that he is no longer fishing the fish. He is now fishing the sun. He catches is at sunset and reels it in towards the island, he can see his line dragging it on the water. Every night despite his efforts it slips under the horizon, and he is left to fish for it in the depths of Lake Superior. After fishing all night he finally pulls it up from it's darkest place and brings the daylight back. 
Another constant in songwriting for me is that I may come back to this later and decide it's all trash, or some of it is trash, or at least it needs reworking. Maybe the story will change. Who knows, we'll see what happens tomorrow!
I am attempting to cultivate a slightly different relationship to songwriting these days, so here's something I've never done before. This is a song I'm working on while on @rabbitisland about the ghost of a settler who lived here long ago. I've never shared an unfinished song with anyone before, but off you go into the wild world, little tepid verse. Also yes I know my hair looks incredible out here thank you.
reading The Hidden Life of Trees while swaying among them. please read this book. 
photo by @j.m.boyd
very thankful for this time and space
writing songs has seemed a little too scary and overwhelming for the past year or so, but i couldn't dream up a better place to try to jump back into it. @rabbitisland 
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lake superior bath 
photo by @j.m.boyd
circumnavigating the magical @rabbitisland by foot!
friend in the fire pit
home for the next week on @rabbitisland