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// I’m trying to remember that just showing up to life every day is enough, even when sometimes it feels like it’s everything but. When there’s been too much weight built up in my chest by the constant battle I'm in with my mind, I feel pressured to have everything together and just “let go,” “move on” and “trust time to heal." But I know that healing is not linear, nor is it based on a specific timeframe, and I know that these cliches don’t work for me. Especially when life takes such a drastic turn that it puts your  mind into a whirlwind you'll never be able to fully  comprehend. We all deserve to escape the sunken feeling of being trapped in a doubt house our minds can so easily place us in. Broken hearts, broken bones, broken minds — they all hurt the same, you know. I just wish it was as simple and effective as putting a cast on this to mend it whole again, but this is something that can't fully be repaired — like a bad ankle that’ll forever cause you to limp ever so slightly anytime you dance — and I'll have to learn to accept that and live with the limp. And when the reflection of the light I’ve always known how to cast so brightly and with ease begins to look as dark as the hole it’s trying to shine through, I know I need to continue to face this with the same honesty the truth is painfully giving me. Because the gut-wrenching feeling of what's real isn’t comparable to how it would feel if I resorted to suppressing this, withdrawing from it and closing myself up. I can’t close up those holes if I still want what’s good that’s left to shine through what’s not. I know that eventually I’ll have sparked a light that’s so bright, it’ll replace what was turned dark.
Happy Birthday, @betseyjohnson 💕 Thanks for helping me create some of the best memories! 4evr a Betsey babe 💋🤟
hi ilysm. you're my best friend, you've never let me down, you're the cutest, fluffiest, bestest cuddle bug and every day is international cat day with you, Snickssss 😻 @hellosnickers
// Simpler, happier days. "Every inch of this Earth is yours – all the land and all the sea. Imagine no restrictions but the climate and the weather. Then we could explore space, together, forever. You are the constellations."
"My heart, I never feel, I never see, I never know. And then it falls, and then I fall, and then I know." -Grimesz 💕
This was taken last summer, but I wore the same outfit yesterday so whatev. I'm happy to report my hair buns are still strongly sprouting, and I'm still v good at giving shade. Thx and have a good night.
there always seems to be a plant around me and I ain't even mad 🌿💚
Soft + hard @beeink.tattoo 💚🖤
Looking for some sort of reprieve.
Deep down we all know our worth. We just need someone to truly love us first.
A happy face doesn't necessarily equate to a happy mind, and I can say that from first-hand experience. I'm sad to learn about the passing of @katespadeny, someone I've been inspired by ever since starting my journey in the fashion world forever ago, and one who always seemed to exude the same cheerful energy she brought to her work. Don't ever underestimate the strong, oftentimes scary power that mental health can have on someone's life – reach out if you feel you're struggling or have a friend who seems like they might be.

As for myself, a la @roureynolds/@entershikari: I am currently under construction. Thank you for your patience.

I also have a new blog post up that's all about the importance of learning to slow down in life. Link is in my bio, as usual.
Two years in Minneapolis today ☺️ I love this little city I'm happy to call home, and all the wonderful memories I've already made 💚 (throwback from last summer)