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Just a potato in MN cheesing through life with her cat, @hellosnickers.
I also write things ↡


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"My heart, I never feel, I never see, I never know. And then it falls, and then I fall, and then I know." ily Grimes 💕
This was taken last summer, but I wore the same outfit yesterday so whatev. I'm happy to report my hair buns are still strongly sprouting, and I'm still v good at giving shade. Thx and have a good night.
there always seems to be a plant around me and I ain't even mad 🌿💚
fresh kicks ♡ fresh ink.

Can't wait to add more to this 🖤
One of the prettiest interiors I've ever seen 😍 And this is just one lil corner of the rest of the magical shop @beeink.tattoo 💚🖤
Looking for some sort of reprieve.
Deep down we all know our worth. We just need someone to truly love us first.
A happy face doesn't necessarily equate to a happy mind, and I can say that from first-hand experience. I'm sad to learn about the passing of @katespadeny, someone I've been inspired by ever since starting my journey in the fashion world forever ago, and one who always seemed to exude the same cheerful energy she brought to her work. Don't ever underestimate the strong, oftentimes scary power that mental health can have on someone's life – reach out if you feel you're struggling or have a friend who seems like they might be.

As for myself, in the words of @roureynolds/@entershikari: I am currently under construction. Thank you for your patience.

I also have a new blog post up that's all about the importance of learning to slow down in life. Check it out – link is in my bio as usual.
Two years in Minneapolis today ☺️ I love this little city I'm happy to call home, and all the wonderful memories I've already made 💚 (throwback from last summer)
Even through time passing, even through all that takes place in the interlude of life, there are certain things we can’t give up on or give to oblivion — memories and anchors we can never, and shouldn’t, get rid of. They’ve always made us better; they’ve replaced the dark with light. Like how the moon makes way for the sun to ignite our inner bright. And they’ll remain here forever, rooted deep into our hearts and souls, like paradigms of what make us whole.
Feeling numb. How does that even work? When you feel paralyzed but know you still exist through the painfully obvious stinging in your gut and chest, through the constant ticking of the clock.

I wish I could wind us like a clock and save the pain of heading down a path that we've unintentionally ended up on. Let's take one step closer, I want us to remember. Let's not lose sight; let's keep these slow-beating hearts alive. Let's dissolve into each other, eliminate the sense of fading and perpetual longing for a loving, honest embrace we know we already have. Let's be something we continue to create, not something that is fabricated. Something we'll keep planting and growing in our hearts, rooted so deeply, it can't be pulled apart.

We'll do something – anything – to hold on, because we can't fathom anything worse than being forgotten, than not being intertwined as one. We'll get back to making it somewhere. Let's grind this venomous path to dust between the interlocking of our fingers, and start over again. Back to where we know was good. Down the road we never wanted to turn back from. Where we know everything is still worth it, still remains.

We'll be fragile, still partially broken and touching each other's reflections as the sun makes way for our shadows – until we fall back into something tangible again. And we'll know through it all that this isn't it. That we were always enough, and always will be.
// Forever rocking those under-eye bags and smol smiles 🙂