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🏡 MN livin' with my happy lil cat fam
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Trying to remember that I sometimes look cute, cause I've looked as poopy as I feel lately 😩
on the hunt for more sunsets to watch with babe @tannerthomps 😙
When your nails match the cup and there's a magical sunset behind you, you take a pic, right? Right. 🙂
The most handsome date in all the lands 😙💛
Sweet dreams, 'Merica ❤️💙
silhouettes & sunsets 💜
REAL TALK // It's so important to have a solid support system, particularly when you're going through a difficult time.

Despite the stress (understatement of the year) I've been trying to cope with lately, I'm so happy and thankful to have my best friend and love by my side to lift my spirits up and keep me as hopeful as can be.

If you haven't found your person for that, I sincerely hope you do because I don't know what I'd do without mine! Love you to bits @tannerthomps 😙❤️
Just call me your state park poster girl 😅🌲 I should get them to make this an ad on their front page.

Can't wait to hit up all the MN parks with @tannerthomps 💚🏕️
Take me back 💚🌲🏕️ 📸@tannerthomps
Saturday can't come soon enough - I just want to be in the woods camping alreadyyyy 🏕️ Not in a dress. I'm not that much of a camping n00b 🙃
New plant babies added to our jungle 💚🌱
2/3 of my fur babies ❤️