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Guess who got featured on a neighborhood account.

#Repost @dogs_of_roslindale (@get_repost)
Pluto & Zoey never out grew their puppydog eyes 👀
This one is actually going to be hard
#Repost @comicconla (@get_repost)
This tribute to @therealstanlee was created by his loving fans at L.A. Comic Con October 2018, with the help of @thatkevinsmith and @legionmofficial. It was due to be delivered to Stan this week. Please share it with your friends and True Believers everywhere. We love you, Stan!
I'm not really a grits person... But tonight's @plated is shrimp and grits in a cherry tomato sauce with basil. #platedpics #dinner #dinnerisserved
A dog's life. Just chilling with Mom and getting some sun. It's kinda cold outside, so this works. #dogsofinstagram #muttsofinstagram #bordercolliemix #houndsofinstagram
I love small theaters where every seat is a good seat. #LeVarBurtonReads
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice... Wowsers
None of my space themed shirts fit anymore, but I have this #OctaviaButler tee from @outofprint. Now I feel appropriately dressed for #LeVarBurtonReads. #scifi #scifibooks
Tea time. Banana bread muffins and monkey picked oolong.
Trying @realhomechef kit this week. #realhomechef
Done and done #vote
#cy365 Thankful for (prompt free 11.3.2018)
Thankful for a relatively pain-free first part of the day so I could get out for a fall walk before the rain returned.