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#cy365 1.15.2019 Outside
A good pair of fleece-lined leggings, jacket, scarf, my @newbalance #freshfoam1100 #boots and I'm ready to face the cold. #captureyour365
#cy365 - You (Again!) 14/365 (1.14.2019)
Today is a mood. #captureyour365
It's "You" week on #captureyour365. Everyone is doing the 10 years ago thing, so, here we have 2009, and today 1.13.2019. Boston just keeps leaching the color out of me. #cy365 13/365

2009 - getting ready to be social at my first NABShow. No makeup except lips.
2019 - home from driving all over New England. No makeup and my lip gloss ran away with my coffee cup.
#cy365 - Contemplative 12/365 (1.12.2019)
He looked at me, from his place in my chair, knowing that I was about to tell him to get down, contemplated the odds, and then closed his eyes as I continued to stare him down and then grabbed my camera. #captureyour365 #sleepingdog #houndsofinstagram
#cy365 Pop Of Color 11/365 (1.11.2019). In this world of mostly black camera gear, I love the bit of color on my #nikond5300 #captureyour365
#cy365 - Delightful 10/365 (1.10.2019)
#captureyour365 this is the delightful pattern on one of my water bottles 
#peacock #turquoise #red
#Repost @mikerowe (@get_repost)
"Mike - you and I don't always see eye to eye, but what you're doing to combat veteran suicide is very, very commendable. Pity these episodes aren't featured on broadcast television. They would absolutely save lives. Better yet, why not drop them into 2 billion individual news feeds? Imagine the impact!"
Brian Davies
Thanks Brian. We try to point our cameras at people making a difference, and Justin certainly fits the bill. As for the real impact of shows like this - you're right; the more people who see it, the more impactful the result. Unfortunately, I can do nothing but share it here, and thank you in advance for doing likewise...
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#veterans #ptsd #givingback
#cy365 - From Behind | 9/365 (1.9.2019) #throwback to our trip to Chicago at the end of 2017. I managed to not get vertigo, and the city at sunset was amazing. You could see forever. #captureyour365
#cy365 (1.8.2019) - Exposing Your Red | 8/365
#captureyour365 #coffeemug #donttellmetokeepcalm
I thought I would wear my Powerpuff-Paternoster Gang t-shirt for inspiration today. Didn't realize I low-key look like the art. 
#nomakeup well, except for lips.

#doctorwho #powerpuffgirls #mashup #sinuspressure
#cy365 - Shades of Red
#captureyour365 (1.7.2019)
#cy365 - Red. Today was an adventure. We went up to the New England Reptile Expo, just to look. I didn't get any good shots of corn or milk snakes, couldn't get near the bearded dragons, but I was able to get a shot of this girl - a red super dalmatian crested gecko. #captureyour365 (1.6.2019)