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Keep your head up kid, those dipshits will be serving you fries in 10 years  #Repost @chrisbrownofficial 
I LOVE YOU BRO! Wanna encourage THE WORLD AND PEOPLE TO SHOW LOVE AND COMPASSION. this video made me wanna do harm to the people who picked on this kid, but then I realized that love works both ways. #FUCKBULLYING
Go watch my boy @davidlesh’s  marketing video, I put the link in my bio. Its funny because he’s a felon
The formality before fucking
Island life
Since @shaunwhite insists on always sending it, he’s currently in the hospital, ladies plz send nudes and wish him a speedy recovery. 📷 @brendononeal
Top city
Fijian sea monster
It’s pretty much impossible to defend against a crane kick