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Badass Latina Cinderella on Once Upon a Time. Final Season Fridays 8pm on ABC. My FB/Snap/twitter is @daniajramirez


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#flashback That’s #joey always in my corner. #rip miss my lil guy. #allwhiteweekend #daniacs
In honor of #memorialdayweekend Only White posts till Monday! #daniacs #vestidadeblanco
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Our background, our language, our belief, our ethnicity, our skin color, our voice, our body type, our vibe, our hair, our skills... just a few things that highlight how different we are.  Finding strength  is our uniqueness is what makes us powerful and special. #daniacs
Hello Summer. #daniacs photo cred: @bevland22
Regeneration of the soul is a must! #daniacs
Honored and blessed to be his stepmami and your wife! 🙏🏽🌹 #Repost @bevland22 
Thank you @kaimilesland for being my son ❤️ every moment with you on this journey has been life changing for this old man 🙏🙌🏻 and a special thanks to @daniajramirez and @realleal for making him not only look so damn dapper but more importantly feel like he is truly worth a million dollars 💵 #betterlatethennever #promnight2018 #my1stprom #2momsarebetterthan1
Just doing the best I can... with the life I was given. #dontjudgeme #daniacs
Gloomy day boredom has set in my friends. #daniacs
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On my way... @hotelartemismovie Premiere. #hotelartemis Glam @michalmakeup @chrismcmillanthesalon