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Badass Latina Cinderella on Once Upon a Time. New Season begins Friday October 6th at 8pm on ABC. My FB/Snap/twitter is DaniaJRamirez


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Una mテ。s... #youknowwhy @thesashbag @sashbag 笶、ク条汳咀洟咀沛ス and #pacificomexicano go real well together.
Feeling my @thesashbag
@sashbag thank you for hooking me up. Love all the hidden pockets! 泗条沛ス沽 #coolestmommiebagever 洟咀沛ス
In support of #Venezuela Te Adoro @mariaconchita_a please share! Se necesita tu apoyo! #VeeFauna
Lookie 汨 what I found! @onceabcofficial #teamella @oncers #danicas finding treasures!
#green 窶弋he color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.窶 #tbt styled by the incomparable @phillipbloch #daniacs
Today my instagram is dedicated to @bevland22 Happy bday mi Amor, mi Vida, mi Cielo, Cariテアo, mi Corazテウn de melon, mi bombテウn de chocolate blanco! I decided to infect the world with our love.  #youknowwhy #bevinstagramtakeover
Walk with me... 窶弋o those I窶况e inspired -  Know that you have inspired me to continue to show who I am and who I aspire to be with many more that will come across my path.  To those I窶况e hurt - I am truly sorry and know that pain is growth窶冱 most powerful ingredient but never something we naturally and maliciously plan.  To those I窶况e let down - know I窶况e learnt my lesson and I am working on being the best I can be.  To those I窶况e helped - know there is no expectation on my end and that it was my pleasure.  To those I窶况e contributed to making stronger - Know that strength lies in knowledge and is rooted in love.  To those I love - Know that my love never dies, it only grows stronger and it was, is and always will be who we are.窶 #daniacs Happy bday to the love of my life @bevland22
#tongueouttuesday #daniacs From the set of @onceabcofficial #jacinda #cinderella
#daniacs I窶冦 baaack! And with a new film trailer! Meet #JavieraTorres Check out @off_the_menu_movie trailer #movieoutinfebuary Wanna cook 2gether?? 沽
Last Drawing of 2017. Signing off.
#tbt Boss Lady Vibes.
Because #youknowwhy @kaimilesland #myobsession #Kai The Ocean.