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Time management
Caught writing a song that sounds like the score to a heist scene in the highly anticipated upcoming remake of Latin Austin Powers🙄 📷: @erinrrose
I was sooo hungry here. I love food. Mainly Asian food.
People ask me all the time, “Dan, where does your inspiration come from?”
I’ve been working on a rap album called “Stoop Kid” and it’s going to be awful. 📷: @starslikearrows
I'm coming out of hibernation to play a stripped down set at @winfloosteria this Friday night to open up for  one of my favorite songwriters @erika_wennerstrom of @heartlessbastards The first time I met Erika, the two of us listened to a couple JJ Cale records in her living room straight through, nearly in silence. Cop your tickets in the bio for a night. 
After this it's back to the drawing board. ✌️✍️
@itspsychobunny 🐰 my mom got me this shirt
I ❤️ 🎂
I've been meaning to post something for a while but have been focusing on myself for the past few months.  At the beginning of the year I wrote that I wanted to release more music this year than ever before. After working in the studio for the first half of the year with @thisisbray I started having vocal troubles and knew something was wrong when I started punching the couch in childish frustration. You can now put me on the list of singers who have had to deal with vocal polyps. 
Not being able to sing, I had to put the project on hiatus and have been on vocal rest/ therapy for the last several months. Today, I got steroid injections into the vocal chords and if all goes to plan I should be able to sing again in 6-8 weeks. It's been an interesting learning experience being forced to take a break and work on other elements of who I am but I simply can't wait to get back the ability to express myself in a musical capacity in public again.

I'm thankful that my general health is in good condition, god knows there are too many people out there who have it worse, I just thought it was time to let some of you know why you haven't seen me doing my thing in a while. BUT, i'll be back soon. 
I decided against posting the lovely picture of the inside of my vocal chords which, by the way, are fascinating and yes, look very similar to another very fascinating part of the female body. So, here's a recent shot of me brooding as usual in a hotel in LA. Music coming soon.  Thanks for the support, D 📷: @oreeeo
NOT in Disney Land