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Rock N' Roll, ATX, Sweet Tooth. New Music Soon.


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NOT in Disney Land
Tap it. Tap it good.
Its 1am, god knows that I'm tired 
Walk out of the studio and see a flat tire
But I couldn't get mad, I was too damn wired 
It must be the new, this music is 🔥🔥🔥🔥*freestyled while waiting for AAA
Vitamin D[an] 😎
What a day. So fucking cool having JJ Johnson come track drums on the new tunes. Been watching him play with the best from @johnmayer to @derekandsusan and @garyclarkjr for years. New music soon. 📷: the impeccable @thisisbray
Stuuuu Deee Ooooooh 👊
Cooking up some jamz 🔥🎸 wondering why there's no spatula emoji?
📷: @thisisbray
Don't forget about me. So much #newmusic 🔥🔥🎹
Cooking 🍳 up some magic
When you're layover gets canceled but you get booked on a better one. ✌️️✈️ see you soon NY
Sex gods 📷: @nathanedge
Found out that playing the @paramountaustin is pretty fun. Thank you @blackfret