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Welcome! Half Aussie, half Kiwi born & raised in Japan but now based in Melb. I’m a barista @makerfinecoffee and a photographer ! 📷 ☕️ 🏍


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A photo from my trip to 中目黒駅、to check out Onibus. One of the coolest little cafes I’ve ever seen!
I miss the day we picked strawberries! 🍓
My brother moved up to Darwin recently and I can’t wait to make my way up there. I can listen to him play his guitar for hours, I’ll try to be there soon @jonlevymusic !
Will be back in Japan soon! Can’t wait for more adventures with @chef_lydiahean !! 🇯🇵 💕
Still one of my favorite shoots! 🍸 
City of Lights 🗼
I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for the good guys over at @north.st ! I’ve always loved the idea of product photography, specifically to do with beverages and glassware. It was a bit of a dream come true doing this shoot and what an incredible and delicious product to be shooting as well!
Park Vibes 🌳🍃
Wherever we go, we’ll always find a good brew ☕️
Wandering the back streets of Richmond with this guy. Good memories!