I love running in the mountains. When I see something I like, and if I'm not too absorbed in the moment, I share it here.


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Enjoying the view above Montreux on a long run on the weekend. We’re having some great weather here which makes the #training much easier.
Mountains across the lake. It’s not possible to see here, but there is a sprinkling of snow on the peaks.
A perfect day above the lake. The trails are soft and the weather cool - it’s a great time for running.
I think that I would like to live in a refuge. There is a quiet, calm and clean aspect to this existence. The people passing through are on their own journey and their needs are equally simple and pure. A little water, maybe some food, a place to rest. Immersed in nature and a part of it.
Until that day comes I'll keep enjoying the refuges I run by and keep dreaming of the simple life. Perhaps my imagined world is better than reality could ever be and perhaps imagining it is all I really need.
Just me and a few locals enjoy the buttery smooth trails through the Alps.
Tignes is pretty cool!! Lots of great trails to run here.
On the weekend V and I hiked over Tête aux Vents and made a deviation to go to Lac de Chesery. It was a perfect day and a fantastic hike. Hopefully next time I'm up there I'll be moving faster, but still enjoying the view in the daylight.
We climbed up to Glacier 3000 on Sunday to do the peak walk. It was a perfect day with incredible views. The slight swaying and bounce of the bridge makes it easy to get a bit of vertigo, so it's a good thing we trust Swiss engineering!
Today we hiked up to Glacier 3000. It was one of the best hikes we've done. I'll be sharing plenty of photos from this weekend, but this is the first looking out from a porthole at the cable station at the top.
An endless playground!
#tbt to a trip up and along the Gorge de l'Areuse last weekend. That was the first time I've been to Neuchâtel and it was great!
There are a lot of things I love about Switzerland 🇨🇭 and I think we're so lucky to live here. I know there are so many incredible and exciting aspects to this amazing place. However, for me, finding a cabin in the mountains on a perfect summer day is living the dream.
#livingthedream #inlovewithswitzerland