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Switzerland 🇨🇭
Mountain lakes and forests are probably my favorite places in the world!
Course de 2 Lacs from the weekend. The trails were beautiful, lush and green and it was perfect to finish at a lake in the mountains!
More photos in my story and on my blog (link in bio).
Long run on a sunny summer day. Yesterday was perfect out on the trails. It was warm, but not too hot, sunny, but pleasant in the shade of the forest, and all the trails are looking good and already well maintained.
An awesome weekend on the GTC105 route again. It’s incredibly beautiful on this route.
On Saturday V and I hikes up to the Valloné di Youlaz. This is the second big climb of the race.
On Sunday I did a long run covering the first parts (up to the snow line) of all the key climbs on the race.
I can’t wait to race here!!
All the way through winter it’s hard to remember what it’s like to be on summer trails in the Alps.
When summer arrives it’s easy to see why all the winter miles were worthwhile.
#wintermilessummersmiles #moremilesmoreamiles #italy🇮🇹
Droit de Catogne on Saturday. The original “extreme” route was supposed to be 1900m climbing in 9km, but snow meant a change in the route. In the end we did 1200m and then back down to the finish for a total distance of 12km.
It was a fantastic event and a great chance to do some serious climbing. I had a great time and happily added some extra vert to the weekly total.
Moody mountain day.
#mountainmonday with some snow covered mountains during this weekend’s weird spring weather.
Endless gentle miles available on the beautiful rolling trails around here. #moremilesmoresmiles
New blog post up about my race at Trail des Reculées on the weekend (link in bio). #tbt
A fantastic spring race on beautiful trails around the Jura.
It’s spring in the French countryside. I’m visiting parents in their new home and learning the trails around here. There are so many great routes of rolling terrain through the fields and forests.
After running in the Trail des Reculées, V and I visited Baume les Messieurs and thé Cascade des Tufs. This area of the Jura is so beautiful and right now there is so much green spring growth. It was a lovely weekend.