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Proof 👆🏼Happy Voting Day! 🌹
Everybody has a reason to vote, what’s yours? 🤘🏼😀 Go out there and vote tomorrow! ❤️
I don’t know how I scored more in my second language than English. I don’t know how I got 84 in chemistry. I don’t know why I studied PCMB. All I know is, it was a good phase, I made some great friends. Marks don’t really matter I guess 😬
@kalveerbiradar and I killing time in Mohali 😂 The link to this video is on my insta story 👻
My cat Red is guilty. Find out more with this news report 👻
Took this picture to see if I have any wax in my left ear. Thanks @mohitkashyapp ❤️Shall make you a part of my candle business plan!
Went to the police station today and filed an FIR against myself for being so good looking ☹️
Fashion Blogger for life 🌹
My websait: www.danishsait.com 😎
I am my own competition 🤘🏼
I am a fashion blogger too 🤘🏼