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Canada: the perfect place to escape for a weekend of writing, hiking, and relaxing.
Oregon, you taught me what it means to take pretentiousness to a whole new level, and I low-key loved it. Also, your beaches are pretty fantastic.
So many laughs, an obscene amount of burgers, and far too many Codenames failures. These peeps are the 💣.com.
“Dan, why are you standing with a bunch of people in a formation that vaguely looks like a wave?” Good question! You can find the answer in my most recent blog post [link in description].
📷 @scotthuckphoto
One long weekend, four great friends, and what seemed like twenty-eight trips to Home Depot. That’s what it took to get moved into this fantastic space. Bring on my first year as a downtown Dayton resident!
Exploring Cincinnati, tackling student debt, saying “sisters” way too much, and filling a U-Haul with furniture. I can’t think of a better way to have spent Ashley’s last Saturday in Ohio.
This is one of my favorite photos from a collaboration that I did with @adamhallbrandt for an Australian website that published one of my blog posts. Why am I grinning? Because I was told to look like I was happily listening to a comedy radio station.
I recently traveled to what I consider to be the most beautiful state. And yes, I am being purposefully non-descriptive because I want you to read the full story on my blog [link in bio] 😏
This beautiful woman flew all the way across the country to spend a few days with me in Washington State. Our trip entailed a steady stream of gasps whenever we saw a stunning sight, time spent sharing unheard memories while we drove, and time zone change-defying early bedtimes in the coolest tiny home. In case you haven't figured it out by now, I have a fantastic Mom.
What can I say? I love life. 📷 @adamhallbrandt
These are the solemn faces of two people who braved Kentucky sushi, avoided awkward interactions with a creepy neighbor, and gracefully entered a banquet 20 minutes late. I had a ball (pun intended) escorting @publicgardiner to the Army ROTC ball this week and thoroughly enjoyed the many memories made throughout the experience.
This beautiful woman woke up in Heaven today. Rest in peace, Grandma; I already miss you and your radiant smile. [Betty Ellen Case • January 1925 - January 2018]