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Chilean #concert #pianist living in Salzburg 🎹 International Prizewinner 🏆🏅Travel Addict 🌎 Enthusiast Photovideographer🎥 @danor_quinteros


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A few impressions of Moscow, from last week trip
Throwback last week 🎶 Beethoven recital at the City Hall, Helsinki with the amazing @helanderjaani  photo by @pekka_rantakari
(Vertical) Impressions of 🇫🇮Helsinki and 🇪🇪Tallin
Continuation of Debussy's Danse.
I hope Instagram extends the time for normal videos soon 😁
Debussy: Danse
Sorry for audio quality 🙇‍♂️🎶📻
Did you know this piece?
Some of my next concerts in 🇫🇮 Finland, 🇰🇷South-Korea and 🇯🇵Japan!! Check my website for more info: www.danorquinteros.com
(2nd part) P. H. Allende: Tonada no.6 in D
Pedro Humberto Allende: Tonada n.6 in D. It was supposed to be recorded with professional microphones but they never arrived. Anyway,a good first test for the GoPro. The only thing missing is a diet 😂
Performing at the opening concert of the Pietro Argento International Competition. Check my last publication on Facebook Danor Quinteros Pianist!
Showtime 🎹😎
Exhausted after opening recital yesterday and first round judging today. Congratulations to the Candidates admitted to the final round and bravo to everybody! 🎹🎹🎹🎹