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Chilean Concert Pianist living in Salzburg 🎹 International Prizewinner 🏆🏅Travel Addict 🌎 Enthusiast Photovideographer🎥 contact@danorquinteros.com


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Happy Birthday Maurice Ravel! Miroirs is one of my favorite works of him. It's been a long time since I played the complete set. This year I'll be performing the Trio and charming pieces like Pavanne and Jeux d'eau. 🎹🎹🎹⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Este fin de semana la joven pianista Anna Suzuki se presentará en dos únicos conciertos con un programa espectacular que incluye las cuatro baladas de F. Chopin. este viernes en el MuseoPalacio Rioja de Viña del Mar y el Domingo en la Liga Chileno Alemana. No se lo pierdan! 
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A wonderful trip to an important landmark of South America and the World. I feel very fortunate for all the travel opportunitiesi have. this year specially I will had the chance to go around the globe playing. This time however I just enjoy the music of nature and life
Report about the Pietro Argento International Piano Competition.

Kind words from Mr. Igor Nabok with mention of Arrau:
"The great technical skills, astonishing harmony of the performance manner and fine sense of style of this musician guaranteed him unquestionable success. We would like to wish D. 
Quinteros to become a worthy successor of his countryman – one of the most famous and 
celebrated virtuoso of the 20th century, the Chilean pianist Claudio Arrau (1903-1991). Claudio 
Arrau became history as the first pianist, who played all piano pieces of I.S. Bach, all piano 
sonatas and concerts of Beethoven and who created a distinguished edition of Beethoven’s 
🎹 New update on the website! Dates added including masterclasses, recitals and concerts with orchestra. check ➡️ www.danorquinteros.com for more info!
Another year has come to an end! I wish all of you the very best for 2018. Make dreams come true! This are apparently my most popular posts of the year including some memorable highlights like concerts in England, my first website ever and prizes in competitions. Let's make next one even better! 😎
Piano Masterclass at the University of Chile (Arts faculty) It was a nice experience with good, enthusiast and receptive students! Looking forward next year to my masterclass at the Catholic University of Chile
Next week post-Christmas Masterclass at the University of Chile! Looking forward to it! You better practice guys lol kidding let's enjoy music 😉🎹🎹
Working on 2018 repertoire! Happy to be in sunny Chile to start new projects 💡🇨🇱☀️ next year concerts everywhere with a varied selection of works including chamber music by Beethoven, Ravel and Sviridov (!) duo music by Franck and Messiaen among others and solo repertoire with Villa-Lobos, Unsuk Chin, Carter, Rodrigo, Soler and Beethoven among many others. Gotta start soon to handle all this! 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹
Throwback clip from 2014 DVD „Les Preludes“ from Mozarteum University. Debussy‘s „Des pas sur la neige“
Back from Paris! 🇫🇷🇭🇺🎹 It was a wonderful experience to play at the Hungarian Institute of Paris. Lovely audience and wonderful organization. Many thanks to Christine Girard, Carherince Poincelet and Jean-Marc Fouche for everything. Also thanks to my friends who came to attend the concert! Köszönöm! :)
Next week! 🎹 Recital in Paris dedicated to Hungarian composers! 🇭🇺 26th Oct 20hrs at the Institut Hongrois de Paris