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Yesterday was our last day in Disney + I'm sure it was one of our most favorite weeks E V E R. Last night we stayed a little later + literally were walking straight on to rides after a few days of the park being at capacity! We truly didn't want it to end. Even through the tantrums, a sick kid( Krew always has a sensitive stomach) + pure exhaaauustion, 5 days went by way too quickly. Watching our kids experience Disney through their eyes is pure magic ✨ #podiesatdisney
Blue Skies + Happy Hearts ♥️ at Paradise Pier #disneycaliforniaadventure #paradisepier
Out of all the amazing magical-ness of Disney he loses his sh*t over the carousel 😭😂🤷🏼‍♀️ could hardly keep him off this thing this week! Just grateful his ticket in was free this year. #KIDSMAN
Since being in Disneyland this sunscreen has saved our butts! We have yet to have any baby sunburns and have spent 12+ hours in the sun for 5 days now. I don't take ☀️ exposure lightly so this has been such a MUST for our vacation + continuing into the summer. It helps that I feel great about it's non allergenic ingredients too!--- thank you @babyganics! #babyganics #babysunscreen #ad #momhacks
My favorite people in good ol' radiator springs. 🏁🚗🏜
It's been damn near impossible to get a decent photo of Dash (hashtag: toddler probs)  I'm not exactly proud of what it took to get him to sit down for this quick shot. 
Me: "Krew! Grab Mickey + a snack then run over there, get Dash to chase you! Keep running! No, WAIT! Okay, go back--- give him a snack he's getting away!" 🙈🙈🙈 Bribing my baby with a snack like a dog to get him to do annyyyything besides ride the carousel 😭 
But shortly  after this the boys put on a little dance show on Route 66 with DJ in cars land +  it was the cutest thing e v e r.  We love you Disney!
Since becoming a mom I have really tried to be mindful of the products I'm using and the foods I feed my kids. Of course we can't eliminate eveerrryy chemical or toxic substance because let's face it, we're surrounded by it. 🙈But it does give me peace of mind knowing there are companies out there that value the health and wellbeing of our kids. I was so excited when @babyganics reached out for us to try their sunscreen because 
1) I am always looking for organic, mineral-based products that are paraben + allergen free to use on my kids 
2) were in California this week + my kids cannnot go outside without sunscreen. ( hello fair skin! 👻)
#babyganics #ad
Just a Minnie + her Mickey ❤️
This boy makes my mama heart so proud. Yesterday all he wanted in the whole world was a churro + a Star Wars book Disneyland. He waited  all day long and when he finally got it he said "mom I had my patience all day aren't you so proud of me?! I was such a good boy!" Same goes for Disney, all the waiting is so worth it in the end--- it's truly a M A G I C A L ✨ place. #lovethisboy #disney
Sorry about all the Disney spam 🙈🙈🙈 it's about to get a lot worse. We're here all week folks! --- By the way don't ever visit Disney again without following @magic_kingdom_mamas their tips + tricks top the rest! #disneyforever #stillhappywhenmytoddlerisscreaminginline
It's an extra special Friday today 🙊🙊🙊 guess where we're headed tomorrow?! For a whole week! #mickeyherewecome #disneybound
There aren't words to describe how much I love being a mother. It has completely changed my life + who I am as a woman and my heart breaks for those who long for this honor who haven't been able to experience a love like this. I pray that all women know how important they are no matter if they have children of their own or the ability too--- That adoptive/ foster mothers know how incredibly amazing they are to take care of children whose mothers couldn't + that all men may appreciate the role of a woman in their life. The sleepless nights, long days, laundry, carpool, prepared dinners, + sacrifices we make are worth it every single day! Happy Mother's Day to all you MOMS out there no matter what motherhood looks like to you! 💛💛💛