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Headed to the 801! I finished my coffee just in time to catch puke from the back seat and we stopped at a McDonald's with a play land so I'd say we're off to a great start for a family road trip. Cuz #yolo. 😳 #familyroadtrip #utahbound #podiebros
Those baby blues 😍💙 #dashmccoy #mybabyboy #blueeyedboy
Currently: taking out every single puzzle, coloring book, learning activity and game we own in preparation for our 12 hour drive to Utah this week. My heart tells me yes but my mind tells me NOOOO MAMA. If you need me I'll be drowning in laundry, Christmas music and to-do lists. #sendhelp #prayforus #podolakroadtrips
Trying to get through this rainy day with two rambunctious boys. Looking for new ideas of places to play + things to do! Please share if you have any #runningoncoffee #momxhausted #momlook #momwatchthis
So last night I got a massage for the first time ever. I KNOW RIGHT. (Hashtag: mom life) but that's my exact point. As moms we're constantly feeling pressured to do nothing but serve our families 100%. And we love it! But I've found that to truly give all that you have into something you have to first love + take care of yourself. It's true for relationships, work, motherhood + more. Although I felt guilt the entire drive there, I instantly felt refreshed + myself again just taking that one hour to myself. I remember my mom used to take herself to a movie when she needed a little self time - now I know exactly why. Whatever it may be, moms you deserve it! Stretch yourself to the limit but take time for just you every once in a while! And I don't mean the grocery store. 😏
Cutest little whiney boy ever. Love that little voice of his. 😊 #pressplay #dashmccoy
Taking our oldest to see The Little Mermaid on 5th Ave tonight! 🐬🐠🐚 #5thave #seattle #thelittlemermaid
Wishing for a hulk buster and a vacuum from the big man in red 🎅🏼 #podiebroschristmas #dearsanta
Feeling extra grateful for my built in bestfriend + husband. 😽 #babe
Podolak family Christmas Tree ✔️ I'm pretty easy when it comes to picking the tree, I said tall and skinny and had to fit in our small living room, easy enough. But then Dash broke 2/3 of our light strings and my home flocking looked like shaving cream and I about lost it. Happy Holidays! 🌲❤️#decoratingmeltdown #familytradition #christmas
Black Friday shopping from the couch with the best left overs of the year 🙌🏼 anyone else still recovering? My heart and belly is full! (Mamas needing jams for their kids target has 4 piece pack pajamas for $11!) #blackfriday #thanksgivingleftovers #turkeyfordays #targetdeals
SO MANY things to be grateful for today and everyday but especially family, faith, and food 💛 I can't imagine not having a warm home and loved ones with me today and my heart aches for those less fortunate. Thank you god for all that our family has we are truly blessed! (We lost Dylan to the turkey bowl this morning so he missed our pic but we love him!) 🦃🍽🍾#thanksgiving #podiebros #sothankfulsoblessed