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3 weeks postpartum with 3 boys, running on about 3 consecutive hours of sleep at night, and wishing for coffee about 3 times a day. Yup, sounds about right. #teamnosleep #boymomlife #thepodiepeople #momofboys #momblogger #ootdmoms #candidmotherhood
Been loving having Krew home for the summer! The boys have fought like crazy and stayed up way too late but they’ve played hard and been the best helpers with their new baby brother. It makes my heart so happy to be able to spend this whole summer with them and soaking up every moment with baby Beck. #podiebros #summerbabies #boymomlife
Thinking of going back pink for a little while this summer. It was so fun + I loved how easily it washed out of my hair. If you’re on the fence about it, the @kristin_ess rose gold spray is the way to go for sure. I think I’ll dilute it a little this time but I loved it. Also, there’s 2 new blog posts up today! Life Lately, and my favorite picks from the Nordstrom Sale. Don’t worry I kept it simple and affordable and I think you girls will love the items! The sale goes public tonight so make sure you take a peek if you’re needing anything for fall + let me know what you get! #kristinessrosegoldhair #nsale #hellofashionpresets #thepodiepeople #momstyleblog #summerstyle #ootdmaternity
So excited for this! I’ve partnered with some amazing mamas + @barnaandco for an awesome giveaway! To enter go follow @barnaandcogiveaway and follow the mamas the account follows. Tag your friends so they know how to enter! #giveaway ends July 23rd this is a good one.
When your kids snap your favorite sunglasses in half you get new ones to make yourself feel better. @desiperkins these are my favorite pair I’ve ever put on my face! #hotasballsoutside #desixquay
Snuck away for a little shopping date with my littlest boy today. Even though let’s be honest I’m doing more window shopping + stopping for nursing breaks at 2 weeks post partum than actual shopping 🤷🏼‍♀️😬 #nsale #maternityjeansforme #maybelunchinstead
New Blog Post is up! thepodiepeople.com ❤️I shared a little about adjusting to 3 kids and 5 tips for making that transition a little easier for any mama. In my experience there’s so many things that work for different families and kids but there’s a few things that can work for everyone. Hint: lower your expectations and learn to roll with it! Lol. #ontheblog #thepodiepeople #beckhambrees
2 weeks old today and I’m not ready. Although I love to see him grow and everyday is more amazing it just happens so fast! #bittersweet #slowdowntime #promiseiwontdothiseveryweek #beckhambrees
Living for summer nights! Especially with 3 kiddos who make it so much more special (and exhausting 😜) #summertime #thepodiepeople #datenightwiththebabe
Our biggest brother is finally back from a trip with grandparents over the weekend + we are so happy to have him home ❤️ it’s just not the same when one of your babies isn’t in their bed at night! Although let’s be honest, it was a nice break from the constant fighting and wrestling between him and Dash lately! #brothers #podiebros 🙈😜😩
Easy like Sunday Mornin ⛅️ #beckhambrees
Babies first date night! Big boys are with grandparents 😜 also, I’m working on a really special blog post about adding a new baby to the family. If you’re a mama worried about having another baby will you send me a DM with the worries or concerns you have? I think we all worry so much and it’s important to know you’re not alone and in the end it really all works out! I’m putting together a few tips that will ease the heart of any mama and I’d love to get some feedback from any of you mamas with more than 1!