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Swipe right! 👉🏼On our way home from one of our favorite family traditions--- a weekend at Cannon Beach. A final goodbye to summer with this rainy weather means I'm ready to bust out everything pumpkin, homemade soup, roasts, sweaters, cookies, + of course fall football 🍂🍁🏈🍪 #byesummer #podiesatcannonbeach
Beachin' with my babehs. 🌊  #podiesatcannonbeach 👈🏼
Just a bunch of podies on the beach. #thepodiepeople
Basically bathing in the sand I just washed off of them. 🙄 #beachprobs #sandineverycrevice
One of my favorite things about family vacations is the late nights after the kids go to bed where your parents have a few drinks and the stories + the laughs start flying. You have an equal chance of peeing your pants as you do getting in an argument but the memories are gold. We're at the beach this weekend in the cutest beach house and it's just so beautiful + fun. 🌊🌊🌊
I had never been to Cannon Beach until I met Dylan + it's easily became one of our favorite family traditions. There was a time in our lives where our family was very divided. Memories like these were something I only dreamed of so to look back at how far we've come and the hard times we have fought through + moved passed makes me so grateful for the past few years + the growth of us as a family + parents. When you look at a family you never know what they've gone through or the hardships an individual has endured. Never forget that ---no matter what you see on here in these tiny little squares of someone's life. F O E . 💛
Music 🎶 on, sun out, toddler sleeping, cleaning house + packing for our last vacation of the summer. I don't know if it's just me but this first week of school has kicked our buts and has us all off schedule... but we're adjusting + slowly getting the new rhythm of things. 5 days a week seems too long for our boy to be gone. ☹️ ALSO- if you're looking for the easiest week night crock pot dinner eveeerrr, check out my blog! I'll take my tacos 🌮 in any form, even soup. #linkinbio
May or may not have found a box of Halloween decor in the hall closet + pulled it all out 🙈🙈🙈 #noregrets ??? Either way we're enjoying the last few weeks of sunny days and warm walks before bed until it's full blown fall 🍂 were embracing the slow transition. But tell me--- when do you decorate for fall if the stores are completely decked out already?! 💀👻🕸 I need some restraint.
I feel like I've been in a little shock since I dropped him off. It all happened so fast! Any other Mamas out there that felt a drop your kid off hang over? 😭😭😭 I feel such a mix of emotions but mostly pride for my sweet + smart little boy who I love so much. I know he will love school + do so well. But my mama heart misses him dearly + just wants to freeze time. Counting down the hours till 330! #kindergartenorbust #krewhudson
Last night with my forever wedding date celebrating the love of our dear friends. So happy to welcome them to the marriage club FINALLY! #goinggrau 💛
it's easy to think your small town is nothing special and not appreciating its simplicity, but to me going to a local bar after a wedding and knowing every person in there + most of them you grew up with- is pretty dang special.
Labor Day at the family cabin ☀️🐟 the last hoorah of summer feels so good spent with family + no cell service ---I think we're ready to embrace FALL now. 🌲🌲🌲#summitlake #podiebros #podolakfamilycabin 👈🏼 click the hashtag to see our past fam photos!
Earlier I posted on my stories about how I let my negativity and stress get the best of me + my kids today. It was a rough morning that truly started to get better when I snuck a few (lot) of bites of this after lunch while Dash was napping. Although it quickly ended when Dash woke up 2 hours early in a screaming sweaty fit. 😩🤷🏼‍♀️ I was determined to turn my day around and put a show on for the kids so I could get some creative work done but that also ended shortly when Dylan came home + insisted on a date night we couldn't afford. I decided he was right. The kids + I needed a break annnnd Dylan needed something to look forward too. Fortunately my positivity was rewarded because I remembered a gift card my dear friend gave us + my mom matched it with one she had sitting in her wallet. 😭😭😭 STARS ALIGNED. It really works guys. As moms sometimes we can't do it all but we CAN take a step back, give ourselves a break + practice positivity + gratitude in everything in our lives.
Really not sure how I feel about summer ending. Kinda looking forward to wanting to wear clothes + sleep again... kinda loathing the idea of rainy gray skies here in WA. We went for a walk before bedtime and 1 of was pant-less but I'm so glad it wasnt raining! I'm voting for a year long season called Sall. Summer between Summer ☀️ + Fall 🍂 whose with me?