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Finally made it to the week of Thanksgiving + now it’s full blown decorate for Christmas mode! I love the idea of using fresh greens around the house for decor. Although I think we’re going fake tree this year. 🙈 Does anyone know of a good place to find fresh garland and wreaths local? 
Fresh wreath by: @lizybowden 🌿
“Don’t you give up. Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead, it will all be right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come.” -Jeffrey R Holland 
Sometimes it’s the simplest of quotes that remind us of what matters most and to keep the faith. 💛 #thepodiepeople
The highlight of my Monday was most definitely seeing another mom at school PICK UP also wearing her pajamas. I am not alone!! #momsunite but also diffusing my favorite holiday blend of essential oils after I got my kitchen clean. 🙌🏼 I wrote a blog post about how we use essential oils daily in our house on my blog. Share with me your favorite blends or oils! And are you team Doterra or Young Living or BOTH?! 💛 #essentialoils #holisticliving #doterra #youngliving #thepodiepeopleblog
Dress him up for church + he’s lookin like a grown man! Love my sweet boy #krewhudson #boymomlife
With the craze of snow and holidays around the corner I forgot my genuine love for Thanksgiving. It’s Dylan’s favorite holiday and honestly one of my favorite days of the year too. Catching myself day dreaming about turkey and home made gravy going through Pinterest boards! We’re not hosting but I have the bug for holiday tables + decor. Please tell me I’m not the only one so grateful to drive over to Grandma and grandpas for holidays still! 📸 via: Pinterest #alltheholidaythings
It was snowing yesterday so we broke out the Christmas tunes and made a ⛄️ —today, S U N?! Okay maybe I needed that wake up call. Thanksgiving first! 🥘🦃
Happy Halloween from the podies! 🖤👻🍫🍭 #sugarhigh #starwarsforever
These are the days. Wish I had as much energy as these boys but they sure make life 1000x more enjoyable + special. I just can’t imagine life without family— it’s worth it guys. Whenever it happens for you, however it does. Fight to make it work- learn through mistakes, see your struggles as opportunities of growth + push forward! Life is beautiful even when it’s hard. We’ve climbed mountains in 7 years + we have so much higher to climb together. 💛 #thepodiepeople
Every successful pumpkin patch visit should end with fresh donuts + corn on the cob. 🌽 #extraparmandchileplease #thomassonfamilyfarm
I can’t say he was the perfect side kick at Krews field trip yesterday, 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️🙈 but he’s dang cute + I’ll keep him. Literally had to bribe him with a bag of chocolate to get him to hold still for 5 seconds and by the time this photo was taken I was already ready to go home, HA! #raisingboys #fullhandsfullerheart #dashmccoy
He wants to go to school with big bro so bad! Stay little baby boy! #dashmccoy
I did some late home hair tonight for a client and on my way home I listened to one of my favorite podcasts. If this sounds like a broken record, take the hint and go listen to one! But really it made me laugh because every single time I listen I get out of it exactly what I needed. I shared some thoughts on my stories + my 5 favorite podcasts on the blog. Go to my profile to check it out! And remember, NO ONE knows what they’re doing. We’re all just making it up as we go, doing our best + trying to improve ourselves. Sometimes I feel like I’m at the caboose of that train but that’s okay too, cause at least I’m on it. Keep hustlin, keep seeing the light in your life, keep being grateful for these obstacles in life that are humbling you + teaching you exactly what you’ve needed to learn + grow through. We’re all just making it up!