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زويا..العطر العصري الكلاسيكي يجمع بين الطابع الزهري المشرق للورد مع لمسات الحمضيات والمزيج الدافئ من الخشب و المسك الأبيض.
#bahrain #perfume #seefmall #citycenterbahrain
Mazayen..a warm smoky perfume,a true incense smell on the skin..
A bit of taifrose and ylang ylang for an interesting and elegant touch.

مزايين..العطر الدافئ و الانيق يتكون من رائحة البخور والعود والعنبر..
مع ورد الطائف ويلانغ يلانغ للمسة عميقة وعصرية.
#perfume #bahrain
Happy New Year...
Talia the fresh and noble unisex perfume.. The opening notes are lemon and bergamot with elegant woody accords and rose in the heart of the composition, with sensual notes of Musk in the base.

تركيبة حيوية وأنيقة تتميز بالنضارة في البداية واللمسات الأنيقة من خشب الورد والمسك في النهاية، تعكس الشخصية الدافئة والحيوية.
#perfume #bahrain #fragrance
An oriental spicy fragrance for men and women.. Its’ powerful ingredients start with a mysterious spicy accords, lavender and patchouli to reach the Incense, Musk, and wood in the base to ensure a sensual and warm finish and elegant closure .

#bahrain #perfume #fragrance
Fragrance is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived🍀.
*-*(Our vision is to offer you scent and flavor that meet the unique character of everyone, every place, and every experience). #bahrain #perfume #fragrance #love #seefmall
It's the weekend! Shop and visit our kiosks and branches to check out our latest perfumes!
💟Kiosk locations:
Gate 3, City Centre (+973 39374747)
Gate 1, Seef Mall, Seef (+973 32093209)
💟Shop locations:
Gate 7, Seef Mall, Seef (+973 39150150)
Gate 3, Enma Mall, Riffa (+973 33022032
Featured perfumes, exclusive discounts, newest collections - visit us at EH106 Main Entrance Hall for the Jewelry Arabia Exhibition 2018 this November 20 - 24, 2018 #ExclusivelyDarAlTeeb #JewerlyArabia2018
Find our premium perfume WAHJ on Jewelry Arabia Exhibition 2018. Visit our booth at EH106 Main Entrance Hall on November 20 - 24, 2018 #ExclusivelyDarAlTeeb #JewerlyArabia2018 @jewelleryarabiabahrain
On the joyous occasion of Eid Ul Adha Dar Al Teeb launches its newest collection Busaiteen… coming in 2 auspicious fragrances appealing both French and Arabian scent lovers. Visit our stores to adorn yourself with beautiful fragrances this season.

Alluring your senses with ancient aromatic labdanum and incense as top notes with a blend of violet and leather - Busaiteen divulges a beautiful and charismatic fragrance with base notes of amber and oud averring Arabian elegance and refinement.

Indulge and experience the luxurious French aroma of Busaiteen tantalizing your senses by the fruity top notes of berries and mandarin diffusing warmth with notes of toffee and base notes of sandalwood, musk and vanilla crafting a blend appealing to the young and sophisticated, perfect for a warm summer day.

Locate us at:
Seef Mall Branch (Gate 7)
Enma Mall Branch (Gate 3)
City Center Bahrain Outlet (Gate 3)
Seef Mall (Gate 5)
Duty Free, Bahrain International Airport
The Beauty Hub, Ashrafs Building
Lit your phones and turn the volume up. Feel the rythm and be energized with the scent of our newest, coolest, and grandest unisex eau de parfum - BUSAITEEN (100ml / 100ml)

Originally made and available in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We hope you're ready for this.
Smell the fragrance of oud and vanilla in Dar Al Teeb’s Majmoa No. 2