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✍️ mode this week. Feeling good about the songs we’ve been working on so far! Off to a good start with the writing, even though writing lyrics while being jet lagged is a little more difficult than it usually is. 😁
So I’ve gotten to meet many of my fans during the last couple of weeks, with the album release and different performances. And it really hit me that music and lyrics really can make an impact on people in so many ways. Both in good ways and in bad ways unfortunately. But that’s not the point. :) I met one girl that told me she was going through a very tough time. She told me that she was sitting in her car on her way home during a time she really hit rock bottom and couldn’t see the light. Her radio was on and she heard ‘Ja må du leva’ for the first time. She said it brought her tears and the more she listened to it after that, the better she felt and somehow that song got her through the darkest time in her life. She teared up and so did I while she was telling me this. It was quite overwhelming to hear that. It makes what I do worth almost anything.
Vilken av de här låtarna från mitt nya album skulle du helst vilja höra på turnén? / Which one of these songs from my new album would you like to hear the most on the tour?
Red, white and black. What’s your favorite combination of colors?
Sessions with one of my favorite writers, Jamie Hartman 🎼🎸🎹 @bensbrother1
This view 👌🏼
Up with the birds 🦅
The sky is more blue in Malibu ☀️
I morgon spelar jag ett akustiskt set hos Mix Megapol. Det blir ett smakprov inför min turné nu i vår. Gå in på deras hemsida för att se hur du gör för att komma o titta. Annars hörs vi i radion eller på RadioPlay! :)
Mother nature sure is beautiful.