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Nothing like when Nana  comes to visit xxx #fayandphilsadventure #iloveourfamily沽
Repost from @bobgoff .. as the Holy Spirit keeps teaching me about kindness.. this post and others like it feed my soul and align my heart and hands to His kindness xx #thejourneycontinues笶、ク
This says it all x
Checkie and I have been sitting with this precious one today.. planning the year with her.. dreaming and praying over what we know will be really important year in her life . As our kids grow and start to walk out their own dreams, as emotional as it is for a parent, our job is to cheer them on, pray and release them into their God given purpose. My heart is full, stretched, excited, and ever thankful to God for the privilege of parenting xx #lettinggoisnevereasy笶、ク
It just doesn窶冲 get better than this.. we can all get addicted to the doing, when God is simply calling us into Himself, to fully BE.
Dinner with these four beauties before we leave.. #familyandfriends沽 @brittanysteinhardt @izzy_steinhardt @hopeyfrost @zoezschech
Holiday dinners.. enjoying every last moment xx
Photos from home.. I SO miss all my G babes.. not long now my beautiful ones xx
Holiday is drawing to a close, but it was lovely just to sit and gaze upon a beach wedding.. I love love xx汳
Oh my goodness.. always so many babies born in church life , but one thing we love doing always at @hopeuc is announcing every baby to the greater church family.. and today.. two new babies were born.. Evelyn and Arlo. Welcome to the world you precious ones.. so honoured to be part of your cheer squad.. love aunty Darls xx #fromagratefulpastor #hopeucfamily
Loved this statement from my @nickygumbel devotional this morning. Lets continue to pray for our world, and by Gods grace May we purely SHINE with His love. Xx
These two cheeky cherubs are on their way to us.. !!! Thanks @deerenton for delivering this precious cargo xx #mummasheartishappy