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My mission on earth....my purpose God is great....his true genuine love for humanity😀🇳🇬

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@murtala muhammed airport
Been alive is enough
To thank God others
Are just jara..there
Are so many people
In the hospital wishing
They can speak but due
To one medical condition
Or another they cant so be
Grateful cause God have
Beautiful plans for you and me
😀#Godchild...happy new month😀😀😀😀😀...be happy
Millions of people with dreams
They struggle for survival
Some becomes optimistic some
Are lunactics a world where everyone is in search for fame money and power an angry man is an hungry man friends lure frends to slavery a society full of injustice there is only one city that is close to baddest#Newyorkcity yet they hunger for survival believing that one day they willl also benefit success stories of the city ...lol.😂you will wonder why i refuse to say the #city its because when you see this video you dont need any further explaination...#Godchild#staypositively strong🇳🇬
Good9t😀lord protect
And guide me and also my
Enemies bring them to
Repentance show them
Mercy dont cast them but rather
Pour your love and give me
Abundant joy forever...amen😀
I pray for you everday
My day one sweet heart
The love i have for you
Its beyond human 
Comprehension..my strength my backbone my counselor...keep shining and i know you will never stop flourishing its not your birthday but i will not stop celebrating you😀😀😀#blad is thicker than water#sundayfever😂
Deadly in love with
God creatures..
I usually wonder how
Beautifully it was made😀
I found peace
And happiness
You give me joy
You teach things that i dont know...we connect there is bond we share...#waterfever#Godchild😀😀
Water is life
Water gives strength
Water is everthing
I am happy when am with you#Godchild😀😀
God own creatures😀🙂