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Love more. Love louder. Don’t wait until it’s too late to show the people you love just how much you do. It doesn’t have to be grand gestures, it just needs to be care. Send a text, remember an occasion that means something to them, cook their favourite food. Whether it’s your partner, your family, your friend, even your pet - just give the world some more love ❤️❤️❤️
The brand new squirrel pins are available in grey and silver or red and gold ✨🐿 the perfect autumn accessory for your coat collar!
Ok so maybe yesterday was a write off... or you didn’t get the start to the week you wanted. WHO CARES?!? Every day is a fresh start... a chance to get up and go again with a new attitude + nothing to lose. Whatever held you back yesterday, it doesn’t have to be the same today. Just wake up every morning and START AGAIN! ☀️🔥⚡️
Just telling the world that today I had my smear test! But one in three women in this country don’t get theirs done because they’re embarrassed or don’t think it’s that important. I’m here to remind you there is NOTHING embarrassing about taking care of your health + the NHS would not encourage people to have the test if they didn’t believe it was vital. 
What makes me even more sad is to know that half of women that didn’t go said they were worried about going because of their body shape or the look/smell of down there and one third wouldn’t go if their pubic hair wasn’t tidied first. 
Ladiessss I have already told you that you have brilliant breasts but I’m sure you all have incredible vulvas as well. Yes it can be a little embarrassing dropping your pants for the nurse or doctor - I won’t pretend that’s my favourite hobby - but trust me they’ve seen THOUSANDS of lady bits + yours is nothing special. What they’re worried about is what’s going on inside your body, not what the outside looks like. So please I urge you, if you are due a cervical smear (once every three years) then please go get it now. It’s 10 minutes of embarrassment and it could save your life. 
Lastly if you haven’t had a letter telling you to get your smear in a while and you’ve moved house etc... it might be worth checking if you’re due. Don’t let an admin error be the reason you don’t know if you’re healthy. 
And whilst I’m here preaching about the benefits of a healthy lady region - I also had an STI screening today. This is recommended every 3 months (this is how long it can take for nasties to show up) if you have changed partners or feel there is a need to be checked even without any symptoms. Use protection - but always get tested too! Cause no sexy time is 100% safe! #ladyhealth #myvaginamyrules
Thank you so so so much to everyone that has ever bought from my #Etsy shop! I‘be sold on a variety of different platforms over the years but Etsy is where it all started + what allowed me to make this biz what it is today. I am SO excited to have reached 10000 orders on there today! Something I never would have thought about back when I sold my first lighthouse card. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🎉🎉🎉
Breasts are the best(s) 🌼🌼 You can grab the #brilliantbreasts tee in my web-shop now OR you can tag someone in the comments as a not so subtle hint to let them know I WANT THIS TEE FOR CHRISTMAS PLEASE 🎁 because nothing says happy holidays like a bunch of beautiful breasts to wear on Boxing Day as you stuff mince pies in your mouth ❤️
Does everyone else remember hearing this as a child?! It’s not real, it’s just a tv show... especially as “reality” tv started to take over. I think we’ve all got that memo by now - however - we still seem to forget these little squares aren’t reality either. Shocking I know!? Who would have thought that fashion bloggers aren’t dressed in designer gear 24/7 or travel bloggers photoshop their sunsets or lifestyle bloggers sometimes cry... and not just when they have the perfect mascara streak ready to be caught on camera. It’s far too easy to get sucked into the false perfection we see online + ultimately start to believe we aren’t good enough or we’re missing out but the REALITY is that instagram is 99% the highlights, and not at all representative of real life. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with some aspirational images + social media when used responsibly but one of the most important things I learnt this year is to be aware of the content you’re consuming. What you consume will influence your mindset... if anything you see on Instagram makes you feel ughh inside - ask yourself if you really want to consume that imagery? A good example of this is fitness + body accounts. Some people see images of others in the gym and feel inspired + motivated to go work out, others see it + start to hate themselves or body because they feel they don’t live up to that “ideal.” If anything online makes you feel inferior or lesser, ask yourself why? but also ask why am I letting myself feel this way repeatedly when I could just unfollow?! Even better it works in reverse too... if you want to love yourself more then find some body positive accounts or inspirational accounts to follow.... if cats calm you down then follow all the cat accounts you can handle... if you love Persian rugs or Bucharest or yellow flowers then I’m 100% sure you will be able to find content that fills that void. I don’t want to preach about the perils of Instagram - I’m as addicted as anything - but just remember these squares have the power to bring you sadness and happiness - so choose your content wisely.
What do you have on your to do list today? I’m having one of those moments when I have a million little jobs to do + I’m trying to do them all at once so in reality not much progress is actually being made.... with a few busy weeks ahead and Christmas around the corner I really need to focus. That’s why I’m going back to the three step list. I have LOTS of things to do on my to do list but my aim each day will just be to do three things - one big task and two smaller ones. I find when I stop worrying about getting EVERYTHING done + concentrate on completely finishing just a few of my tasks, I’m much more productive. If you find it easier to write things down + tick them off too, the sloth to do list pad comes in really handy. I have one for my day to day to do list + use one for a grocery shopping list. Practical + cute = win win stationery 💕 #whattodotoday
Why is there that little voice in our heads telling us what we can’t do?! You can’t run a 10k. You can’t go for that promotion. You can’t wear that lipstick with your skin tone. You can’t eat that entire cake in one sitting (I tell you, I bloody can - ok maybe this one is a you shouldn’t) there will always be something inside our heads stopping us from taking little steps outside our comfort zone - that’s human nature - but how are we expected to progress when we do the same things over and over?! No one expects you to wake up one day and flip your life upside down but taking small, calculated risks is an amazing achievement... work your way up to the scary stuff like the bungee jump or moving abroad or asking out that sexy barista - today just take that small risk + see how empowering it is. Put your brightest lipstick on, wear whatever you want not what you think you should, try that tricky recipe you’ve been looking at, go for your first jog in a year! Whatever little thing you don’t feel 100% comfortable about.... if it’s not going to kill you + it hurts no one else then just do it #thisisnotanikead #justdoit #yesyoucan
No you’re having chocolate brownies for breakfast - and it’s only a Monday 😫 candy cane pins now available online! very limited number of Christmas pins and they won’t be restocked this year #starttheweekright
Today I’m baking some sweet treats but sadly not gingerbread men (I wish - they’re my favourite) to compensate I’m wearing my new little gingerbread man pin on my collar. Now available online for anyone else that needs an early Christmas treat (plus they’re calorie free) 🍪🍪🍪 #gingerbreadman
Lest we forget.