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Contract photographer for National Geographic Magazine & National Geographic Society Explorer. Hoosier (from Indiana, USA). In Rome these days.


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At O'Hare with co-director/producer/(wife) @clem1520 wrapping filming of our first documentary.
Pope Francis embraces a disabled person during a general audience in St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City. This picture is from the cover story on the tremendously popular pontiff in National Geographic magazine (@natgeo ) next month, the August 2015 issue. @natgeo is also publishing a book from the assignment, with much more photography, to be released August 4, and is available for preorder on Amazon. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative
My @Natgeo magazine cover story on Pope Francis and the Vatican is out! I spent a lot of time over the course of six months working on this project, with unprecedented access given to a photojournalist. On August 4 a beautiful photography book on this work on the Vatican, with great writing by Robert Draper, will be published by National Geographic, called 'Pope Francis and the New Vatican,’ available for preorder and easy to find on Amazon right now. I’ll be posting a few outtakes in the coming days. And stay tuned, in October @Natgeo magazine publish a story I shot in unexplored jungle in Honduras where I went with a team to visit a lost city once inhabited by an ancient civilisation that were neighbours to the Maya. It’s been an interesting, lately!  Edited to add: I took this picture on Christmas Day when Pope Francis made an unexpected visit to the Sistine Chapel after speaking to the people in St. Peter's Square from the balcony of the basilica. It was a wonderful Christmas present, to say the least.
A member of the Swiss Guard paces at his post near the foot of Scala Regia, the royal staircase that connects the Apostolic Palace to St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Once a formidable mercenary force dating back 500 years, the title Swiss Guard now usually refers to the Pontifical Swiss Guard, a small force of just over 100 Swiss Catholics who serve as bodyguards to the Pope. Despite their outwardly appearance of a ceremonial role, they are a serious and well-trained combat force, equipped with modern weaponry such as submachine guns. This is an outtake from my August @natgeo magazine cover story on Pope Francis and the Vatican. A National Geographic book from the assignment will also be published on August 4. #swissguard #vatican #thephotosociety
Villa Taverna, Rome, this morning.
On assignment for National Geographic Magazine at the Vatican this morning—Pope Francis is presented with a jersey in his name at a general audience. Before and after the audiences, held on Wednesdays in St. Peter’s Square, he spends considerable time meeting people who are sick, about to get married, or who just really want to meet him.
The largest-ever astronomical project, ALMA, is a cooperation between the three continents--North America, Europe, and East Asia--to build and network 66 radio antennas at 16,500 feet altitude in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The radio telescope array is searching the heavens for clues about the origins of the Universe and many other mysteries. This picture was shot on assignment for National Geographic Magazine, for a story that will be running in the April issue. #atacama #chile #ALMA @thephotosociety
An outtake from my upcoming story in the April issue of @natgeo Magazine on the ALMA radio telescope array in Chile. In this shot, workers prepare to put reflective panels on a European-built antenna.
And ALMA radio telescope array built by NRAO scans the heavens for traces of the Big Bang at 17K feet altitude in the high Atacama desert in Chile. Shot on assignment for @natgeo Magazine for a story appearing in the April edition of the magazine. #thephotosociety #chile #atacama #nrao #alma
Another outtake from my Brunelleschi Cupola story in the February issue of @natgeo magazine
Another outtake from my story on the Brunelleschi Cupola in the February issue of @natgeo Magazine. This was shot at dusk from the tower of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. #latergram #florence @natgeo @thephotosociety
An outtake from a National Geographic story on the Brunelleschi Cupola in Florence to be published in next month's issue, written by my good friend Tom Mueller. Please check out the magazine, and particularly the iPad edition of the magazine--it's just great.