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Current Read: “Deaf Culture: Exploring Deaf Communities in the United States” • List of 📚 to Read: longer than life itself • 📷


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“Brews with my crew” #kissfist ya! @missruhland #bestshirtever #thankyouceline #chachagetsnashty
Brb as I reminisce on how delicious the food was in Nashville. 🌶😩😍 #lateposts cause I was #toobusyhavingfun for #chachagetsnashty
I will always be grateful for all the tips and advices you had for me when I first moved to Frederick. ❤️ and now I get to witness an significant chapter in your life, thank you for letting me be a part of it! Looking forward to upcoming marriage advices from you! 🤪 #chachagetsnashty #48moredaystogo
Exactly a year ago, I was with Tandy and you on your birthday in Sri Lanka! Can you believe it that it has been a year already?! I am forever grateful for you, you are an amazing soul and human being . Because of you, I found myself in countries that I never thought I’ll visit and creating amazing memories that I’ll never forget. Happy birthday, Amanda! I wish I could be celebrating it with you this year.
😭🤟 @jitteryhoney
How perfect is it that we start year four with a brand new chapter in our lives. 💕💕🤟 I’m looking forward to making this into a place to call our home.
The aesthetics of Sri Lanka tea leaves from where I stand. Missing those #travelingdays
#badaxethrowing for the birthday gal! Swipe right to see what happens if ya do @racquel_agam wrong. 🤪😂 #thatgoesforyouwayne #jk #oramI?  #thankyouwayneformakingthishappen #mia @arabmonayyy 🤟
Dean’s first week of kindergarten! I used to say “Don’t grow up too fast! Stay small!” But now, I’m looking forward to watching you grow and to see you smile, play, laugh, joke, and thrive. 💕 #proudauntie #cryingtho #toocute #datdavisgene
For anyone that knows me really well, this is a pretty big deal for me. #toddthebaefordrivingmearoundforsolong  #myfirstcar!!!!! #abouttime
Missing you extra today! 😭
#MCE #tsbexpressions and as always #nokissesformecauselipstick