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The daily ritual sunset jam on the beach. I窶冦 glad I packed a frame drum :-)
As above, so below. You are a mirror of both heaven and earth. You are a sacred bridge between the physical world and the non-physical realms of spirit. Your presence here, now is essential to the great unfolding. And you are loved beyond imagination.
Being in Thailand is forcing me to slow down, breathe deeper... and spend more time staring at the water.
I窶冦 still reveling in the energy of last weekend窶冱 special workshop in Tokyo. As soon as my article gets translated, I窶冤l post some highlights and insights!
Tokyo at dusk...
I窶冦 very glad to be here during this auspicious time.
I learned a new term today: anchialine pond. Unique ecosystems exist in brackish pools in young lava fields at the ocean窶冱 edge.
Feeling immense gratitude at the end of the day.
The snowy crest of Mauna Kea greeted us this morning. One of the ancient mountaintops of Lemuria.
Sending you bright solstice blessings from the home of the Lemurian Goddess of Fire.
Appreciating the tranquility of our mountain forest.
Remember to . . . breathe . . .
A gift at the end of the day...