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Sun gazing in Lemuria
デイビッド・バウワーあなたの夢を叶える レムリアの教え (6月15日)
Getting ready to leave our temporary Thai island home. It’s been a very interesting, multi-dimensional journey. I’m ready to return home to Lemuria...
If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, go out and stand next to a big tree. Breathe deeply. Let the tree help you remember your connection to the Earth Mother, to your source. Let the tree help you find your natural rhythm once again. Breathe and reconnect. (I was blessed to meet this beauty recently on our temporary island home.)
High up on a hill, it’s been raining like this for hours. The gray in the background is the Gulf of Thailand, usually a mesmerizing palette of greens and blues. No electricity. It’s forcing everyone on the island to chill and let go of expectations for the day. I love the shift in energy. 👍😊
I have come to love and appreciate the daily fresh coconut habit 🙂
The joys of living on the sunset side of the island
My favorite kind of lunch break
The daily ritual sunset jam on the beach. I’m glad I packed a frame drum :-)
As above, so below. You are a mirror of both heaven and earth. You are a sacred bridge between the physical world and the non-physical realms of spirit. Your presence here, now is essential to the great unfolding. And you are loved beyond imagination.
Being in Thailand is forcing me to slow down, breathe deeper... and spend more time staring at the water.