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A gift at the end of the day...
Saying goodbye to Fujisan last night on our way home to Lemuria.
Being in the Japan Alps has been very healing. I'm breathing much deeper now. We've driven through clouds and mist, greeted deer and monkey and hawk, inhaled the autumn leaves, and stood in awe of the snowy peaks.
Deep breathing . . .
Sending you love and light from Lemuria.
Remember... to... breathe...
In the distance Goddess Pele pours fiery new earth into the sea. This was yesterday's scene. The sky looks serene, but the wind was fierce, hot and humid.
Picture your personal paradise... and breathe. Hold the vision and feeling of what you choose to experience and breathe deeply. The breath is the pathway to aligning with your higher light and higher purpose.
May the light of the full moon bathe you, bless you, and awaken the next level of awareness within you. Breathe...
A little different view of Lemuria. Feeling blessed at 5,000 feet.
Good morning and bright blessings to you from Lemuria. May your day be filled with gentleness, connection and joy.