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|| Perpetually lost in my own train of thought || Stage center for @AlmostMaine since 2012 || New music video for #CallOfTheDead off ‘Stories’ out ||


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Balance. (Done 12.14.2017 by @bransonhoog)
A huge thanks to @monikerguitars for the beautiful Zuma build! Stoked to add this to my collection 😍

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Checkout David's custom Series Zuma. Loving the colors on this one. #customseries #zuma #guitar #guitarist #moniker #custom
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! I love you all and could not be more thankful for all the undying support through this year ❤️ 📷: @livthrush
Are you really friends if you don’t all go to the bathroom at @ihop at 3:30 in the morning to take a squad pic?🤔
Just over a week until we hit the stage again! Be sure to get your tickets online or hit me up! #TheLastShow 📷: @justinurban03
New @almostmaine design I’ve been working on! Whatcha think?🤔
Yo, @alltimelow and @secondhandjohn were sweet last night! Thanks for hanging out in the Springs, dudes! #SecretSanta
There were some deer outside my apartment today; if ever an animal could capture the essence of me, I think that animal would be this particular deer.
I used to be such a thug circa 2001 😎
“It’s time for 2017...to end” COME HANG OUT ON DECEMBER 15TH. TICKETS ARE $5!

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Our final show of the year with @saintsofneverafter is coming up quick! December 15th @ The Marquis Theater in Denver for $5! Be sure to snag your tickets via the link in our bio before they’re all gone! #StarWars 🎨: @daviddentam / 📷: @justinurban03