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Artist and creator of Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpaper.
Jessica's husband. Ian and Jason's Dad.
Creating 3D wallpapers since 1997!


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I've been tinkering with this one for quite a while now and the time has come to post it and move on. 
Stay tuned for more info on the nature of the "waypoint" ;-) “Waypoint” modeled using @oculusmedium and scene rendered using @eonsoftware
Ian’s (early) birthday present arrived while we were away.  I had this made at @inkedgaming and they did a wonderful job.  He loves it!

Feel free to use my work with these guys (or any printer you like). I only ask that you leave 30% of the cost in my Tip Jar so I can keep making more renders 👍🏻
“Snowtop (2019)”
Learning to use Gaea by @quadspinner.  Rendered using @eonsoftware
“Metal Origami”
Exploring the different material options in #Mandelbulber.  Available in the Pickle Jar.
What does it look like to you?  #Mandelbulber #mandelbulb #fractal #3DFractal
Relearning 3D fractals... #wip #mandelbulber #mandelbulberartist  #fractal #fractalart #mandelbulb3d #mandelbulb
After the rainy day...
My new wallpaper...
"A Rainy Day in Paradise"

I haven't used a lot of rain in my work.  Tricky to capture in a still image.  Hope you enjoy it!
I've had a fascination with branching structures for a long time now (remember "The Spark"?). For this latest incarnation I created the geometry using Plant Factory and rendered the scene using Vue from @eonsoftware .

Something odd I doodled in Plant Factory on my Bucephalus workstation while my main machine was busy rendering another new project. Possibly autobiographical.
I learned recently that the Crohn’s Disease that I thought I’d beaten has returned.  I didn’t set out to render what that feels like but it happened anyway.  Link in profile for more info... #crohns