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Artist and creator of Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpaper.
Jessica's husband. Ian and Jason's Dad.
Creating 3D wallpapers since 1997!


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Practicing with Plant Factory here to create interesting floral patterns. I rendered the scene using Vue but I think I might try a version with Lightwave so I can have a bit more control over the geometry.
Lovely thin crescent tonight... 沍
State Champions!  So proud of Ian and his team.  Urbana Middle School was undefeated until the Eagles came into their building and took the title.
窶弋ake Two窶 (2010)
This is my only other attempt at a Valentines Day wallpaper.
窶廣nima (Happy Valentine窶冱 Day)窶
It's been a while (8 years!) since I've attempted a Valentine's Day wallpaper. My rule for them has always been this: Don't make anything that I wouldn't use myself. This project was one of those rare blessed instances where I had the finished image in mind before I started working on it. I hope you enjoy it!
窶廛applewood (Winter)窶昶
I'd intended to create a winter version of "Dapplewood" before the Christmas holiday but got a bit sidetracked. I hope people are still in the mood for Winter wallpapers in February :-)
The woods behind my house after a snowy night.
Happy happy birthday to my beautiful  wife @jess1esan!  Love you to the moon and back baby 沽
"Organelle (2018)" I finally upgraded my Lightwave to the 2018 version (after skipping the 2015 upgrade) earlier this month and a LOT is different. This render is a texturing exercise, inspired by re-rendering the original Organelle from 2002 for VR. The geometry here was modeled using The Plant Factory rather than Xfrog though. I still have a lot to learn but I thought I would share my progress... Non-watermarked lossless 8K version available to Lifetime Supporters and Plus Level Members (and above). Dual and triple-screens are available!
It's been a while since I attempted an underwater render so I felt the time was ripe to dive back in. This time I wanted to use Plant Factory to create my undersea flora and fauna. I wasn't trying to model any real life organisms here, but rather create something fanciful and colorful. I'm not 100% happy with how everything turned out (after MANY days of rendering at 8K on Bucephalus) but I do think it looks nice enough to share while I consider revisions.
This is what a 3D/360 panorama looks like when it is rendering.  The top and bottom cameras are offset by what as known as the 窶廬nter-Pupillary Distance窶, which is a metric estimate of the distance between your pupils.  When each image is displayed to the appropriate eyeball the effect is wraparound 3D.  As shown in this new 360 version of 窶弃assageway窶, I will be working to create more cohesive 360 environments going forward.  This can only benefit my future multiscreen compositions I would think.
窶弃ortals窶 via @prisma