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Artist and creator of Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpaper.
Jessica's husband. Ian and Jason's Dad.
Member-supported since 1999!


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Signed "Arcadia" canvas purchased by one of my Members ready to go out today.
Modeling a thistle plant.
"Endpoint (Portal)" is the background object I created in Lightwave for my "Endpoint" scene.  I thought it make make a nice wallpaper by itself so I've added it to the gallery this morning.
Ready to be signed and mailed out to one of my Sponsor members.
"Endpoint" is new in my Members Gallery this morning.
"Dapplewood (Autumn)" 8K on Shadowfax
By popular request I've toned down the haze in my latest Autumn render to let the colors pop a bit more.  Let me know what you think!
TFW when you are reading a great book and suddenly the next 30 pages are missing 😭😡🤡
Autumn comes to "Dapplewood"🍁🍂
Someday soon my kids will probably grow out of me reading to them before lights-out.  Thanks goodness I discovered "The Graveyard Book" by @neilhimself before that day arrived.  Simply spellbinding!
Modeling goldenrod
Ever wonder what a lunar eclipse looks like from the surface of Moon?  Inspired by a conversation I had with my boys while driving to see last week's solar eclipse.