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Artist and creator of Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpaper.
Jessica's husband. Ian and Jason's Dad.
Creating 3D wallpapers since 1997!


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My virtual aquarium. 🐠🐟🐡🦀🐙
There was a lot that I liked about "Oceana" but there was a lot that (I felt) didn't work out. Some of the geometry was broken (due to excessive displacement), it wasn't as colorful as I would like, and it took so long to render that I couldn't really make revisions or a multiscreen version.

Consider this scene to be something of a "do over". For starters it only took less than a tenth of the time to render on Shadowfax so I should be able to create a multiscreen version (maybe even a VR panorama) without difficulty.

BTW, it started as an exercise learning Oculus Medium but most of that geometry is covered up with undersea life :-)
“Bayou (Night)” You probably suspected something like this was coming. I would have had it finished sooner but the first render attempt crashed near the end and I had to rework a few things. 
Hope you enjoy it!
Applying some of the techniques from “Stasis” and “Nascence” to a more traditional landscape scene.
“Nascence” "Nascence"
Like "Stasis" before it, this render was a learning exercise exploring new shading/modeling techniques using @eonsoftware Plant Factory and Vue.

This one is a 3D doodle of sorts; working on different shaders in Vue and modeling in Plant Factory.  The techniques I'm working on here will factor into at least the next two renders that I post.  As for this one, it may or may not stay in the gallery long term. 
Thought it looked interesting enough to share though:-)
When I showed this render to Jessie the first thing she said was "ooooh Nightshade!". Sounded like a great title to me...
Sneak peek #wip
Building #vuedesprit #ecosystems on geometry sculpted using #oculusmedium
“Painted Sky (Night)” The original "Painted Sky" from last year sits at #2 on my all-time Top Rated list so it seemed natural to create a night-time scene. My night version dials back some of the clouds which gave the original its title but I think it still works. I hope you enjoy it at least as much as a "day" version!
“Something Blue” (2002)

“Cogito Ergo Sum”
I think, therefore I am