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Artist and creator of Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpaper.
Jessica's husband. Ian and Jason's Dad.
Member-supported since 1999!


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My Fluorescence blanket from @society6 🍄
“Black Angel (Winter)”
Is it weird that I have a big canvas of this hanging in my living room?
This was a tough email to receive, but I'm happy my work helped this Member find some small measure of peace... "Hi Ryan,

I have been enjoying your artwork since my college days back in the late nineties.  I recently became a subscriber a few 4th of July's ago when I showed my wife your artwork.  She was (well we both were) especially enamored with Pot of Gold (Night). Lotus flowers were very special to my wife, she even had several tattooed on her.  So when she passed away last July from a horrible battle with breast cancer, I decided to bury her with the postcard of Pot of Gold (Night) that you had signed for us after becoming members. 
It's been a very difficult time and unfortunately I've been unable to get the pictures for her headstone picked out.  I finally went to the cemetery today and decided that I want to include a lotus flower among the pictures of her we selected.  I didn't want to use your picture without your permission and wanted to see if you were ok with me doing that or not?  The tombstone is bronze so it would not be as beautiful as your renderings but I still think it would look really nice.  And since its bronze, we'd probably have to use the daytime version of Pot of Gold for the flower to stand out." He sent a photo of the finished tombstone earlier this week.  Shared here with permission.
“Moonlit Oasis”
Thank You Veterans!!
Shortly after posting my latest Halloween render I was asked by one of my Members if I had ever considered doing a wallpaper for Remembrance Day. We don't mark the holiday here in the US but after I did a little reading it certainly seemed like a worthy subject. Especially since quite a few of my Members come from Commonwealth nations.
The symbol of Remembrance Day is the common poppy. My rendering isn't too flashy or overt but I hope I did the subject justice.
“Gotham Garden (Winter)”
“Animus” is new today.  Something spooky I’ve been working on for Halloween... 🎃
“The Black Angel” was inspired by the famous statue in Iowa City’s Oakland cemetery of which I heard many a legend during my time at @uiowa
One of my personal favorite Halloween renders 🦇