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How can you help someone (or something) that doesn't want to help themselves? Superman and Jon are fighting for their lives to escape alien extremists on a planet running out of time. Share you review for SUPERMAN Issue 41!
Taking on Damage is a real suicide mission. Good thing Amanda Waller has a whole squad of villains for the job! What's your review of DAMAGE Issue 2?#NewAgeOfDCHeroes
Something weird's going down in Gotham's Irish Quarter. Think it has anything to do with the Celtic god Wonder Woman just found murdered? Share your review of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD: BATMAN AND WONDER WOMAN Issue 1.
With 6 million of the greatest Instagram fans ever, we're ready to take on any threat the Multiverse sends our way. Thank you!
#Repost @mad.magazine
Everybody's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed Neu-man! #NewMADMagazine
When your Chief of Staff is Batman. #PresidentsDay
Booster and Superman find themselves on the ropes after taking on the House of Zod. Can they escape from New Krypton in one piece? Share your review of "Booster Shot" part five in ACTION COMICS #997!
The Wild Hunt is on us! Will the Ultima Thule outrun the Dark Knights? And how does Detective Chimp fit into all this? Share your review of the epic DARK KNIGHTS RISING: THE WILD HUNT #1! #DCMetal
Batwoman has stepped over the line, and the Dark Knight is NOT happy. What did you think of DETECTIVE COMICS #974?
Looking for love in the DC Universe? Better get on Caper, the Super Hero dating app! Who would you swipe right on for #ValentinesDay?
Good pancakes. #DoomsdayClock #PancakeDay