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scorched earth policy

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The police helping out too :) thanks!
Found this on my phone, don't know why it's there. Grill struggling hard trying to paddleboard on one of those paddleboard things
Little noob causing a ruckus at the hospital.
Jane Fonda and Doc Brown @ the 3rd annual Hold my Beer.
PUBLIC AFFIRMATION POST: Look at it. Look how awesome my fucking life is on this kinda okay yacht with these beautiful women. I fucking hate boats. PLEASE LIKE FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE OF MY KOOKY AND WHIMSICAL ADVENTURES
Grill ordered the lobster, the one in the back is pissed.
Well the cats aren't impressed.
How is this even legal?
61,440 CUDA cores. @nvidia
8 shiny new P6000's for the new renderbeest!
Well stocked.