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Do you collect #bookish pins? Where did you get some of your favorites? These are limited edition from @owlcrate and they just SHINE on this new banner they sent out. 😍
I just got the limited-edition Finale box from @owlcrate and they included an AMAZING deck of cards. I mean, these are GORGEOUS. Stay tuned for pics. Meanwhile, I’m just daydreaming about Levi and all the stuff that’s gonna go down in KoF. 😱
What series are you embarrassed to admit you haven’t finished?? 🌌 I have had the second book of this duology for ages and I’m so sad I haven’t read it yet. 😭
I’m so excited to add #RedRising to my sci-fi/dystopian collection. 📚 What are some of your favorites?
“Not for all the world, Aelin. But what about Prince Rowan?”
🔥 I decided to give myself a treat today by re-reading #rowaelin chapters of #HeirofFire and it was a MISTAKE. 😂 I am feeling all the feels all over again.
Have you read the #ThroneofGlass series by @therealsjmaas yet?? If so, which book is your fave? 👇 Also, thoughts on this beauty of a 📖 #GirlsofPaperandFire ??
@thenovl keeps posting #outofcontextqueenofnothing quotes and they’re driving me crazy!! 😱 Have you read #TheWickedKing yet?? I can’t wait to get that third book from @blackholly and keep my #jurdan ship alive.
I just finished reading #ShadowoftheFox and agagshshsbaksnd ... I need the next book like, NOW. Anybody with me??
I just finished #TheHateUGive by @angiethomas on @scribd and it made me think back to this book — #AngerIsAGift by Mark Oshiro. 📖 There are such amazing, raw stories finally earning the limelight. It’s high time we welcome and read stories that are from perspectives and cultures that have been hushed for far too long. Who’s with me?!
My feed has been full of “King of Scars,” and I am DESPERATE to hop on that Leigh Bardugo bandwagon!! 😭 but for now I’ll just sit in my lonely, Grishaverse-less corner of shame. Who’s with me? 🙋🏼‍♀️
Dare I say The Wicked King is my favoriteee read so far of 2019?!!!! It certainly blew me away, I can tell you that much. 🤯 When I put my review on @goodreads I couldn’t even put down coherent thoughts, so I just wrote my feels in prose poetry. 🤣 What’s your biggest book hangover from?!
What are your favorite retellings of classic stories?? 🌺 I have to say, I haven’t read many retellings, so mine is probably ACOTAR. It’s amazing how it’s a retelling INSIDE a retelling, and I ship #feysand with my whole being. 😁
Don’t you just love #endpages ?? 📖 I mean, some books have seriously amazing artwork throughout the pages. I love cherishing and appreciating all the hard work that goes into every novel. 😍