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our next show is on october 14th 💙 tickets are right below :)

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had a wonderful time at the cbhs talent show :))) we love everyone who came out 💙💙💙
look! that's us at @artserveinc yesterday! we had a blast :)))
aaaa we're so reddy hbu!? :)
u guys ready to hear us play at @artserveinc on september 26th? :))) it's gonna b a fun show n we have a surprise for u guys 💙💙💙
happy skoo tmrw :))) if u have a terrible first day, come blow off some steam with us at artserve on tuesday night at 7pm >:))))
hey guys, it's anish! i just wanted to let u know i released a song and i think u guys would like it bc its got a really good vibe to it 💙 the link can be found in my bio @hinduanish and deep seas is gonna be playing a few shows soon and maybe a new song *hint hint* so stay tuned :))))
we had a great time at @omtuesdays last nite :))) 💙💙💙 #deepseasmusic
your local ocean is back on radar
recap of the encore show :)) video by @therodiaz1999
redbone with the spicy boysss :)
~we are the blue band~ 💙💙💙 we love everyone who came out last night and special thanks to the bands who made this show legendary :) don't forget to go out to @surfingonsaturn's secret show tonight! it'll be one of their last :(
we are all ready for the show, are you?? :))) 💙💙💙 #deepseasmusic