Déesse Jewelry by Patricia Wan

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Ethereal fine jewelry that blends organic stones & precious metals✨Exquisitely handcrafted with a commitment to sustainability🦋Snippets of a Designer➔


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eenie meenie mini mo ✨
Lil piece of heaven 🕊
‘As the garden grows, so does the gardener.’ Featuring our plural diamond band- the thinnest pave of black or white natural diamonds 💎
It’s raining diamonds ☔️
Whether you’re looking for a little or a lot of sparkle 😉
Some things just go together 💞
An ocean unto itself... 🌊
The new Calypso ring with a 1carat #ParaibaTourmaline flanked by two sky blue sapphires 💙
Strip down to the essentials
Peony season 🌸