Drummer @jamiroquaihq Drum teacher @eastlondondrumschool and @bimmbrighton Dj of soulful house deep soulful house and drummer lover and of all music

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Nice to be back on the road again in amazing Chile and we are looking forward to it and having a great time again with @jamiroquaihq and all the gang @yamahadrumsofficial @vicfirth @sabiancymbals_official @aquariandrumheads @porter_and_davies @vcps
Looking forward to tonights gig in Vina Del Mar in a special auditorium @jamiroquaihq @aquariandrumheads @yamahadrumsofficial @vicfirth @sabiancymbals_official thank you for having us again it will be heaps of fun lovely peeps. Big love to all of you and thanks for the love and support 泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ衍Å衍Å衍Å衍Å衍Å汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ
Out in Chile with the @aquariandrumheads massive in Chile with @plugplay_musica_y_tecnologia and @pedrumb in a very cool restaurant #DonaTatitoRestaurant amazingfood thank you so much guys for such a great afternoon 汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ洟歴洟歴洟歴洟歴洟歴汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ沽沽沽沽沽沽沽沽
Big shout out to @demianarriaga for taking such time to break down my beat from Cosmic Girl and realise they are all about a good time and good vibes respect to you brother and i look forward to meeting you soon my friend. I am so honoured and humbled by you taking such time my friend. Big respect from myself and all @jamiroquaihq 泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ衍Å衍Å衍Å衍Å洟歴洟歴洟歴洟歴洟歴洟 #cosmicgirl #cosmicbeats #discofunk #breakitdown #jamiroquai #drumsforlife #thankful #honoured #humbled #givethanks
Looking forward to playing for you all at The Key tonight in Valencia it will be fun fun fun with fabulous dj窶冱 tonight too im honoured to be playing with them for you all big love great music good vibes good times see you all later 泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ洟歴洟歴洟冷擘ク鞘擘ク鞘擘ク条沁ァ沁ァ沁ァ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ
Hanging out with two of my fave drummers Andy Gangadeen and @kazdrums thank you guys for hanging out 汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ沽ウ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ
Thanks @kazdrums for creating such an amazing track for me and my drum clinics its been a real pleasure working with you and i look forward to working on your track with you brother very soon. Big love and respect brother 泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ衍Å衍Å衍Å衍Å汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ
This is gonna be a rocking day/evening out with the iculture massive. Its fast approaching it窶冱 all about Soulful House, Deep Soulful House l, Disco and much more see you all there lovely people沁ァ沁ァ沁ァ沁ァ沁ァ沁ァ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ泄コ沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ汨条沛セ
Come and join great dj窶冱 and myself playing  @playclubvlc in Valencia, Spain  this Saturday 17th February  dropping all kinds of Soulful House and Deepsoulful House and more  as well as my faves and your faves too. See you Saturday guys @playclubvlc #remix #playclubvlc #soulfulhouse #deepsoulfulhouse #disco #dj #valencia #goodtimes #goodvibes #techhouse #jackinhouse #dance #danceallnight #lovemusic #thankful #jamiroquai #discofunk #appreciate #instadance #instagroove 汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ沁ァ沁ァ沁ァ沁ァ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ笶、ク鞘擘ク
I had such a great long day yesterday @garvoid teaching studios with Pat n the gang. All of you guys rocked it as all you do. Thanks for having me guys and thanks for your love and support always 汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ汨昨沛セ @sabiancymbals_official  @yamahadrumsofficial @garvoid @jamiroquaihq @vicfirth @aquariandrumheads @bimm_brighton #brighton @gotpocket
I am so happy and honoured to be playing @f1_azerbaijan with @jamiroquaihq with the JazzFunkJuggernaut massive. Thanks for all the love and support lovely people because without you we would not be here or be able to do such amazing gigs 泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ泗条沛セ沽沽沽沽洟歴洟歴洟歴洟 #formula1 #azerbaijan #jamiroquai #touring #disco #funk #goodvibes #thankful #godisgood #givethanks
Had a great day at @bimm_brighton yesterday with @robharrisgtr @paulturnerbass so good to to play with these guys again its never often enough with the JamFam Rhythm Section always a pleasure guys. #rhythmsection #greatmusic #jamiroquai #guitar #bassguitar #drums #funk #discofunk #thankful #blessed #thankful #godisgood