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President of National Training Company | Host of Positive Forward Motion | Expert Leader, Trainer and Motivator | Mom x 2 + 1 @ladyandcash

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Will it Matter? Click the link in my bio 🔝 to find out! Also available on @itunes @spotify @googleplay @soundcloud @stitcherpodcasts @iheartradio & 📻
You’re alive, now get off your phone, jump out of bed and make today count! #youcandoit 💥
Good morning from Big 🐻 Whether you’re off tomorrow or scheduled to make the big Sales on Presidents’ Day, Set your intentions for the week TODAY #sunday Don’t sweat the silly stuff. As you make your goals, determine what is a priority to you. In the process, ask yourself will this matter 6m, 1 yr or 5 yrs from now?
Headed to @visitbigbear this weekend! Hoping for sunsets like this one from a few weeks back #skycandy 🍭! Wishing you a weekend filled with  l o v e 💙
Happy Valentine’s Day! 
When I moved into my house I had a tree that to me looked like it was heart shaped, so for about six months I’ve had a landscaper trim it to a heart so I could decorate it for Valentine’s Day! Spread the love today and everyday! Take 8 minutes for yourself and listen to this week’s PFM podcast episode all above #LOVE [direct link in bio 🔝]
With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, what better time than now to Regroup and Refocus. Give your attention to the Power to Heal, Encourage, Inspire, and Connect. I know you’re going to LOVE this episode, so take 8 minutes for some #selflove 💙 Click the link above in my bio 🔝 OR check it out on @itunes @spotify @stitcherpodcasts @soundcloud @googleplaymusic @iheartradio and
Tomorrow on #positiveforwardmotion 📻 You won’t want to miss this episode! I promise, You’re worth the 8 minutes #selflove
@rinconbreweryventura serving up some amazing views of Ventura this weekend 💚#godisgood . It’s Monday, so time to work hard for more moments like that 🔝 What are your goals for this week? We’re almost halfway through February! This month is flying by ✈️
Happy Friday! I hope this #fbf brings a smile to your face 🙃  I was 11 or 12 and we were in the Pennsylvania mountains ⛰ I always love old photos. Make sure to surround yourself with people and items that bring a smile to your face!
Improve your Health, Happiness and Success! Click the link above to listen to this week’s Positive Forward Motion episode. I can’t wait to hear your feedback! 🌻
S M I L E , it’s contagious and guaranteed to improve your health, happiness and success!  Listen to this week’s Positive Forward Motion episode to learn how smiling can benefit you personally and professionally. You’re worth the 7 minutes, click the direct link in my bio 🔝
Remember how it felt to swing as high as you could. How from there, you thought you could touch the sky. Anything is possible! It’s a new week and the sky’s the limit! #positiveforwardmotion